How to Disassemble And Paint Your Xbox One Controller

Xbox one fanatic looking to customize your gaming experience? You’re not alone! If you’re currently curious about how to go about customizing your Xbox One controller, then you’ve come to the right place.

While disassembling and painting an Xbox One controller isn’t overly complicated, there are a few instructions that you’ll need to follow to make sure that you don’t accidentally break the controller while taking it apart, as well as learning how to properly paint your controller so it looks professional.

Below, we’re going to be talking you through the ins and outs of how to disassemble your Xbox One controller to customize it, as well as how to then paint it to add your very own personal touch to it. Along the way, we’ll also be sharing some tips and tricks to make sure that the entire process goes as smoothly as possible.

Disassembling Xbox One Controller: What To Keep In Mind

Before you begin painting your Xbox One controller, the first thing that you’re going to need to do is take apart the controller to make sure that none of the important parts that keep the controller correctly functioning get accidentally splattered with paint.

In addition to this, taking apart the controller so that you only have the shell will make painting the controller even easier.

In order to disassemble your Xbox One controller correctly, you’re going to need to get your hands on a screwdriver kit that will allow you to take apart the controller properly and without causing any damage to your controller’s internal system.

Need a recommendation? No problem. If you don’t already have a screwdriver kit or you want to purchase one that is more suitable for disassembling your Xbox One Controller, then we recommend checking out the EasyTime Tool Kit.

Unlike other screwdriver kits on the market, this one has been specifically designed by EasyTime to be compatible with game controllers, including your Xbox One Controller, so you’ll know you’ll be able to use it with the peace of mind that you aren’t going to damage your Xbox One controller!

If you find that you get stuck at any point along the way, it might be worth taking the controller to someone who is experienced in disassembling controllers who can do it for you. However, if you’d simply like some further guidance on how to disassemble the controller, just check out the following video for some great, easy-to-follow advice. Click here!

Painting Xbox One Controller: Step-by-Step Instructions

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to give your controller a cool painted design across the shell. Before you do it, though, there are a few things that you’ll need to make sure you have to make sure that you paint your controller to a professional standard. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need:

What You’ll Need:

  • Your Xbox One controller
  • Old sheet/plastic sheet
  • Plastic primer
  • Plastic paint
  • Clear protective coat
  • Scuff pad
  • Disposable gloves

Prior to getting started, you’ll want to find a spacious area where you will be able to lay down your cloth or plastic sheet so that the surrounding area does not get any accidental splatters of paint.

Once you have done this, you can then go ahead and place all the painting tools and Xbox One controller on top of it. In addition to this, we also recommend putting on your disposable gloves at this point, too.

Step 1: Prepare the controller: First things first, you’ll need to make sure that your controller is as clean as possible before you begin painting it, otherwise the paint might not be able to adhere to the shell correctly.

Take some hot water with a mild detergent in and then carefully clean the controller with a clean cloth. Then, thoroughly dry it.

Step 2: Rough up the surface of the shell: After you have given your Xbox One controller a good clean, the next thing you’re going to need to do is gently scuff up the surface.

If you’re used to painting, then we’re sure that you’ll already know that sanding down a surface prior to painting is one of the most important parts in ensuring that the paint sticks and the same applies to your Xbox controller. With a Scotch-Brite pad, gently scuff your controller to add a little bit of texture.

Step 3: Apply the primer: Once you have scuffed up the texture a little bit, then the next thing that you’ll want to do is apply your primer.

The best type of primer for your Xbox One controller is a plastic primer, and we recommend using this one if you don’t already have your own. Unlike other plastic primers, the Dupli-Color Primer offers a two-in-one action of adhesion and primer, which will help to ensure you end up with a professional result.

Step 4: Paint the controller: After you have applied the plastic primer, all you will need to do is wait a few minutes before going in with your chosen paint. You can use any type of paint color that you would like, as well as choose to paint any design that you like, too.

However, to ensure the best results, make sure that you are painting in thin layers (try not to paint more than 2 layers if possible) and paint in an outward motion, away from the controller to help prevent thick layers.

Step 5: Apply the gloss: Last but not least, after you have given your paint enough time to dry, you can then go in with a protective layer of gloss to help lock in your paint coats and prevent them from becoming damaged.

Step 6: Reassemble the controller and begin playing! As soon as you’ve allowed your controller shell enough time to dry, all you are going to need to do is reassemble your controller so that you can begin playing with it again.

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