How To Bypass Door Switch on a GE Dryer

When your dryer doesn’t start suddenly, a possible culprit is the safety door switch. This can be a massive pain in the neck, especially after a large load of clothes in the washer. Luckily, for General Electric dryers, there is a way for owners to bypass the safety door switch. 

You can bypass the door switch by merging its wires using a jumper wire. This allows for a complete circuit of electricity without the need for the switch. General Electric door switches can be found in the lower left of the front panel. 

This article will discuss how to take out the door switch for GE dryers and merge the wires using a makeshift jumper wire. It will also guide you on how to completely replace the door switch. Let’s start!

Bypassing GE Door Switch

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about faulty General Electric components.

bypassing GE door switch

But luckily for GE dryer owners, the door switch is very easy to find. It protrudes on the lower left of the front panel for many GE models. 

Here’s how you properly bypass a GE door switch:

  1. Like with any household appliance, begin by disconnecting the power source. Never work carelessly with live electricity.
  2. Open your dryer door to give yourself access to the door switch. It is located behind the door to the lower right of the wheel. Using a small knife or any object with a thin metallic frame, place the object in the small gap between the switch and the panel. Angle it to force the switch off of the front panel. 
  3. Once you’ve forced one side of the switch off, use a screwdriver to work the other side. 
  4. Disconnect the wires connected to the switch. Be very careful with this. The wires tend to go back inside the front panel. You will have to disassemble the front panel to retrieve them if they do. Take a mental note of the location and orientation of the wires. Better yet, take a picture on your phone. 
  5. Make a makeshift jumper wire by attaching two insulated alligator clips to a wire. The makeshift jumper wire has two conductive ends due to the clips. Attach one alligator end to one of the switch’s wires and do the same with the other. This forms a circuit. Alternatively, you can also use a wire nut to complete the circuit. Once the circuit has been set up, operate the dryer as usual. If the problem persists and you feel the switch needs a complete replacement, continue reading the steps below. 

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Replacing the GE Door Switch

Replacing the door switch is a more permanent solution to this problem. A wire nut can only maintain a current for so long, after all. Still, it’s a handy makeshift circuit while you wait for a replacement door switch. 

Here’s how you properly replace a GE door switch:

  1. Like always, ensure the power source is disconnected from the dryer. 
  2. The wires should be free from any wire nuts or the old switch itself. Take out your multimeter and set it to detect continuity.
  3. The door switch will have three protruding terminals. One is on the lower left of the switch button, the other is almost directly below the button, and the last one is between the two. You will take the reading between the lower left terminal and the terminal directly below.
  4. By taking the reading and not pressing the door switch button, it’s as if you’re mimicking an open dryer. The multimeter should normally read infinity or “OL.”
  5. If you take a reading while pressing the button, the multimeter should normally emit a sound and read close to zero ohms. Vastly different readings both for unpressed and pressed switch buttons, respectively, means that the door switch is bad. You must replace it. 
  6. If you already have the replacement switch, simply take it out and hook the free wires onto the replacement switch. Place the switch in its proper place. 
  7. Operate the dryer as usual. If there are no more problems, you should be good to go. 
operate the dryer

Cost of General Electric Dryers Door Switches

Luckily, replacements for General Electric dryer door switches won’t set you back too much. This replacement, for example, is relatively cheap, and other replacement offers on Amazon are around the same price. Expect bypass methods to be cheaper, for you only have to spend on insulators and alligator wires.


General Electric dryers are very well-rounded and easy to navigate. If you’re having trouble with the door switch, it won’t take too much time and effort to get it back up and running again. Have screwdrivers, alligator clips, and excess wires ready, and you’d be good to go!