How Long Does It Take to Replace a Toilet?

If your old toilet is broken or faulty and you are looking to replace it with a new one, it will be essential for you to know how long it takes to install a new toilet.

You do not have to worry, though, since it is a relatively simple job, and it usually only takes 2-3 hours to install a toilet. However, if you have never installed a toilet before, you may need to budget another 1-2 hours of installation time.

Also, you have to consider how long it will take to shop for your new toilet and find one that fits your style. However, if time is of the essence, this can all be done within the same day, saving you money and stress. Here are some tips that will help you figure out how long it will take to replace your toilet.

Replace a Toilet

How Do You Shop for a New Toilet?

If you are looking around for a new toilet, you will need to know all the approximate measurements of your old toilet. Most toilet models have a waist pipe centered about 12 inches from the wall, but with a few toilets, they measure approximately 10-14 inches from the wall.

To know this ‘rough in’ measurement, you should find the length between the wall and the hold-down toilet bolts. Also, you should measure how far the door is from the toilet and how far the bowl extends from the wall.

If you are replacing a rounded bowl with an elongated toilet, then you may not have enough space to shut the door.

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What Should You Do Before Installing a New Toilet?

Remove the Old Toilet

The first step to changing your toilet will be removing the old toilet. You should do this by first disconnecting the water valve to the toilet tank and slowly flushing the toilet until you empty all the water from the toilet tank.

Afterward, you should find a wrench and use it to unscrew all the bolts connecting your toilet bottom to the floor. This is not a complex process, but it may take up to an hour to empty the water from the toilet tank.

Remove the Old Toilet

Check the Toilet Flange

After you have taken out your old toilet, you should check the toilet flange beneath the floor. If you think it has degraded or cracked, then you will need to replace it. If this is the case, you will need to replace the new flange. This may add another 1-2 hours to your installation process.

Replace the Wax Ring

You should place a new wax ring on the flange before you install your new toilet. You will have to remove the old one, which will not take too long but may come out in patches. Cleaning out the old wax may take a little bit of time before you can add your new wax ring.

How to Install Your New Toilet

Since you have now removed your old toilet and prepared the area for installation, you will then start installing the toilet. It should not take more than 1-2 hours to install the new toilet. Here are the steps you will take:

Step 1: Install your new toilet on the flange

You will begin by placing your new toilet bowl onto the flange by securing the flanges bolds into the bolt holes on the toilet bowl. It may make it easier to grasp the bowl from the inside rim rather than the outer edges, so you have more control as you lower it into the holds. You should also make sure you do not move the toilet after the wax has been set on the flange since this could break the wax seal and lead to future leaking.

Step 2: Bolt the toilet to the floor

You should find a washer and a nut and place them on each toilet bowl bolt. Make sure you go from side to side while tightening the bolts, and make sure not to tighten the bolts too much and damage the toilet bowl.

Bolt the toilet to the floor

Step 3: Secure the Toilet Tank (If you have to)

If you purchased a one-piece toilet, the bowl and tank would already be attached, and this step is rendered null and void. If you have a two-piece toilet, you will have to secure the tank to the bowl. Next, you will install the gasket on the base of the flush valve using tank bolts and washers inside the tank. You should then secure the tank on the bowl and make sure the bolt shanks in the tank and the bolt holes in the bowl are properly aligned.

After this is done, you can tighten each tank bolt until the tank meets the bowl and attach the water supply line to the fill valve.

Step 4: Attach the toilet seat and lid

There are many different types of lids around, so you should make sure you choose the right seat for the right model. Elongated seats are more common because of comfort, but round toilet seats will be best if you have limited bathroom space. You should also align the toilet seat size to the toilet you have just installed and install it according to the specific instructions that come with the seat.

Step 5: Check for any leakage

To do this, you should just slowly turn on the water-shut-off valve and let the tank fill. Then, look at the toilet’s base and the meeting point between the tank and the bowl to see if there are any leaks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much will toilet Installation cost?

If you choose to hire someone to install your toilet, it can cost anywhere between $122-$228.

How long do I have to wait to use my new toilet?

You should wait 6-12 hours before using your new toilet if you used silicone during installation. However, if you used the standard nut and bolt installation process outlined above, you can use it right away.

How easy is it to replace a toilet?

Replacing a toilet isn’t going to be a huge project, and it isn’t going to be as complicated as you might have thought. The hardest part of replacing a toilet is removing the old one. All you need is a couple of hours and a willingness to learn a new DIY project.

Do you need a plumber to replace a toilet?

No. You don’t necessarily need a plumber to replace a toilet. You can do so yourself by preparing and cleaning the space, putting in a new wax ring, setting the new toilet in and sealing the ring, attaching the nuts, washers, bolts, and securing the tank and valve assembly.

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