How to Find the Hotpoint Dryer Reset Button

Have you ever pulled your clothes from the dryer only to find that they’re still drenched? Or maybe you dropped them on the floor because they were scorching hot. Either way, it’s never a good sign when your appliance over- or underheats your loads of laundry. 

It may be related to your thermostat or other heating components. Fortunately, most dryers come with some form of a reset button for these components—including the Hotpoint dryer.

The Hotpoint dryer’s reset button isn’t a traditional red button. Rather, it’s more like a switch. You’ll need to insert a thin object into a hole in the thermostat to reach it. 

This post will give you some quick answers about accessing this reset switch, what you can use it for, and what to do if it doesn’t work.

Hotpoint Tumble Dryer Reset Button Location

hotpoint tumble dryer reset button location

Most dryer models have a small reset button that you can press right on top of the high-limit thermostat.

The Hotpoint dryer has an internal switch within the high-limit thermostat that you can press using a thin object, such as a drill bit or pin. The thermostat itself is a safety feature located on the heating assembly box.

Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to reach this appliance’s thermostat. Just follow the steps in the next section to do so.

How to Access the Reset Button for Hotpoint Tumble Dryer

reset button of hotpoint tumble dryer

To access the reset switch, you’ll need a screwdriver so that you can remove the screws of a couple of access panels first.

As always, be sure to unplug the dryer from its power supply before you perform these steps. You don’t want to give yourself an electric shock after all.

  1. There’s a white plastic plate on the back top of the dryer that’s shaped like a half-circle. Remove the screws to it and pull it off.
  1. Underneath that, you’ll find a silver panel that looks like it’s covered in aluminum foil—the same texture as the exhaust vent duct. Unscrew this panel as well.
  1. Locate the heating assembly box. It will look like a silver box with red and blue wires going toward it.
  1. Follow these red and blue wires to the thermostat. It will look like a small cylindrical component on top of the heating assembly box.
  1. Once you’ve located the thermostat, take a thin drillbit or other object and insert it into the hole in the center. You should hear a click once it hits the reset button.

Once you’ve reset the switch, you can put the appliance back together and verify whether the reset worked by running a normal dryer cycle. Your clothes should come out dried and warm but not blistering.

Where Is the Hotpoint Aquarius Dryer Reset Button?

A reset is a straightforward way to get your dryer back in working order, but you may wonder if this reset switch is also present on your Hotpoint Aquarius dryer.

It turns out that the Hotpoint Aquarius does also have a reset switch that you can access the same way as on a typical Hotpoint tumble dryer.

Just remove a couple of panels off the back, locate the thermostat, and insert a thin object into the hole in the center. You can always refer to the steps above for further guidance.

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How About the Hotpoint Ultima Tumble Dryer Reset Button?

Same story! You should be able to find the reset switch for the Hotpoint Ultima tumble dryer in the thermostat. 

What If the Reset Switch Doesn’t Work?

While a reset is a magnificent way to try fixing your machine on your own, it unfortunately doesn’t always work.

Sometimes, your dryer may be over- or underheating for other reasons, such as clogged vents or dysfunctional components.

If this is the case, a reset won’t do much. Much like restarting your phone or computer, a reset will only work if all the components are intact. It won’t do much if you’ve fried the motherboard, for instance.

Below, we’ve listed a couple of other fixes you can try:

Clean the Vents

checking vents

A vented dryer partially manages its temperature through air flow, which both brings cool air in and allows hot air to escape. 

However, obstructions in the vents can impede the air flow needed to keep your dryer at its ideal temperature.

Be sure to take a look in the vents and clear out any debris that may have built up over time. You should perform this maintenance regularly—even when your dryer is functioning just fine.

Test the Moisture Sensor

The moisture sensor keeps your dryer up to date on how much moisture is left in the dryer drum (i.e., how wet your clothes still are).

If your dryer isn’t thoroughly drying your clothes, the moisture sensor may be telling it that there’s less moisture in the drum than there really is.

Conversely, if it’s overheating and overdrying, this may be because the moisture sensor is telling it there’s more moisture in the drum than there really is.

It may be a good idea to test the moisture sensor and replace it if it’s malfunctioning.

Faulty Heating Coils

The heating element heats your dryer up using coils. If the coils within the dryer heating element have shorted—or if the element itself has deformed—it can impact heating performance.

When you take a look at the thermostat and perform a reset, you might also want to briefly inspect the heating element for any warping and test it using a multimeter.

If the heating element has warped—or if there’s insufficient continuity—you should replace the component.


In a Hotpoint dryer, the reset button is more like a reset switch. Make sure to grab something thin that you can insert into the hole in the high-limit or cycling thermostat where the switch resides.

If a reset doesn’t work, be sure to inspect other components such as the vents, heating element, and moisture sensor. 

And if you perform a reset and check these and other components but your dryer still isn’t working, consider contacting a qualified appliance repair technician for a more thorough clothes dryer repair.