How to Get Kilz Out of Your Hair (Complete Guide)

You’ve just concluded a painting project. The day’s work is done, and your room or furniture looks superb. Your paint job may be perfect, but there’s one little problem: You’ve got paint in your hair now, and you just can’t pick it out.

You can quickly get Kilz out of your hair by deep washing with a generous amount of dish soap. Other options like toothpaste, baby oil, and hair shampoo are also excellent options for thoroughly cleaning the product out of your hair.

Whether you got carried away during painting or were as careful as could be, it can happen to anyone. Fortunately, we’ve compiled steps that will eliminate paint or primer in your hair in no time—no haircut needed.

man applying Kilz primer to the wall

Is Kilz Primer Toxic to My Hair?

Understanding how much of a risk this product poses to your hair is essential in deciding how to remove it. 

Kilz uses a water-based paint primer formula. Many people apply it to walls because it can block stains and seal in odors very well. As an all-purpose primer, it should not be used alone. If not painted over, it can get stained quickly and fade off very fast over time.

But what does this have to do with your hair? Well, the formula that makes it so effective is also what makes it risky to your health if exposed to it long term.

How Toxic is Kilz Primer to my Hair?

Kilz primer in hair

Due to the strong smell of the product’s formula, it is harmful to inhale it. Doing so may lead to detrimental effects like drowsiness and eye irritation. In contact with hair, it can cause the hair to dry out and break. It can also irritate or damage your scalp.

How to Get Kilz Paint Out of Your Hair

You need solutions fast. In this section, we’ll give you several options that will help you remove Kilz from your hair. But we won’t leave you halfway: We’ll also be telling you exactly how to use these different items. Let’s dive right in.

Dish Soap

man washing his hair with dish soap

Due to the grease-cutting nature of dish soap, it is an excellent place to start when trying to get Kilz out of your hair. 

Apply a large amount of the liquid to wet hair and massage it in evenly. Leave it in for a few minutes before rinsing to let the soap really cut through the product, giving you the best results.

Toothpaste and Warm Water

Not only is toothpaste affordable, but it is also a household necessity. As such, almost everyone has some extra toothpaste somewhere in their home, making it a reliable DIY product. 

Apply the toothpaste to anywhere in your hair where there’s paint and let it sit for a few minutes. Use a fine-tooth comb to brush it out, and then rinse.

Baby Oil

spraying baby oil hair to remove Kilz primer

Oils are suitable dissolving liquids and would do the same work for Kilz. Applying baby oil to your hair will help remove the primer with ease. 

Let the baby oil soften the paint or primer before washing with regular hair shampoo. Leave the shampoo in for a while before rinsing with warm or hot water.

Scrape it Off

Sometimes, it is advisable just to let it dry and scrape it off. Note that this depends on how much Kilz you have on your hair. This method seems abrasive, but it gets the job done. 

After scraping dried product off, you can always wash the rest out with regular shampoo. Condition the hair to restrengthen it.

Mineral Spirits

If you’ve tried everything and it still didn’t work, then allow us to take it up a notch with the mineral spirits.

Note that mineral spirits are extremely harsh on your hair and can irritate your skin and eyes. Use extra care when trying this method. 

  • Get a rag and soak a tiny part of it with paint thinner.
  • Using the rag, carefully apply the spirits to the affected hair until the paint comes off completely.
  • Wash your hair out immediately with soap and water.

While this method will work, it’s not the most advisable. In fact, there’s an even better solution below if the previous ones have failed. 

Will Coconut Oil Get Kilz Out of My Hair?

coconut oil

You know what’s incredible? Coconut oil is a better substitute than mineral spirits. All you need to do is apply the oil to the affected part and cover it with a towel. Then wait a few minutes for the oil to dissolve the primer before slowly scrubbing it out.

Note: Coconut oil will moisturize your hair. You don’t need to worry about letting it stay on for long. Olive oil is also an excellent substitute for removing oil-based Kilz paint or primer.