Where Is My Geospring Water Heater Reset Button?

Geospring’s hybrid electric water heaters give you the best of both gas-powered and electric heaters. Yet despite their excellence, you may find that your appliance doesn’t heat up water like it should.

Already despairing over the repair bill? Don’t fret just yet—this post will reveal tricks you can try that might get your heater back in working order without the help of a repair person.

One method includes resetting the thermostat using the reset button on top of it. You can also perform a hard reset by cutting power to the appliance, inspecting and replacing components like the heating elements, and initiating a diagnostics mode to guide you.

Read on to find out more about what you can do to troubleshoot your machine.

Geospring Water Heater Reset Button Location

water heater reset button location
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Lots of heating appliances—from clothing dryers to water heaters—come with some form of a reset button, typically on the display panel or thermostat. And the Geospring heater is no exception.

Your Geospring water heater should have a bright red reset button on the thermostat beneath a small panel on the side. All you’ll need to do is unscrew the panel and pull out the small piece of insulation underneath to access it.

Because the thermostat controls how hot your heater is allowed to get, a dysfunctional thermostat can set the maximum heat too low, preventing it from effectively heating water.

A reset should set the device back to its default heat settings and fix the issue if it originated with the thermostat settings.

However, you may find that a thermostat reset doesn’t work. Read on to the next section for another type of reset you can perform in its place.

Is There Another Way to Reset My Geospring Water Heater?

So you’ve pressed the reset button, but it didn’t do anything. Is there anything else you can try before dishing out hundreds of dollars for a serviceperson?

Yes! For an electric or electric hybrid water heater like your Geospring, you can perform a hard reset. Doing so just requires cutting the power off for about half a minute and then returning the power.

If your heater is plugged into an outlet, just unplug it from the outlet. Or flip the switch on the circuit breaker if you’ve installed it directly to your electric grid.

This reset will work on the control panel of the entire appliance rather than just the thermostat settings.

How About the Geospring Water Heater Diagnostics Mode?

Maybe you perform both a thermostat and whole-system reset but it doesn’t solve the heating problem. Or perhaps you prefer to know what’s going wrong before messing around with the device.

In either case, you can start a diagnostics mode to help you identify what’s wrong with your appliance.

To initiate diagnostics mode, hold the Enter and upward arrow buttons down simultaneously.

By entering this mode, you can view the temperature of the tank, compressor, and evaporator inlet/outlet. It will also show you whether specific components, such as the heating elements, are on or off.

You can use this information to investigate other components in your appliance, including the ones listed in the next section.

Other Potential Fixes for Geospring Water Heaters

Resets are convenient, but they don’t always get the job done. Sometimes, you need to dig into the appliance and inspect—or even replace—components that have malfunctioned. Before you call up a serviceperson, consider the following solutions:

Clean the Pipes and Inlet Filter

mineral buildup in the pipes

Mineral buildup in the pipes and filters can interfere with your water flow and reduce the amount of hot water output. It’s pervasive in residences that use hard water supplies.

To fix mineral buildup—also called scaling—flush your system with white vinegar.

Replace the Gas Valve

gas valve

If you use a gas or hybrid heater, your device relies on a consistent flow of gas to fuel the ignition, which generates the heat that the heating elements transfer to your water supply. Check up on the component and replace it if its defective.

Test the Heating Components

Try taking your multimeter to your heating element(s) and thermostat(s). We already described what the thermostat does in a previous section and what the heating element does in the last paragraph.

Sometimes, electrical connections in these components can go bad. So if either one of these components is dysfunctional and lacks continuity, then purchase and install a replacement.


To perform a thermostat reset in your Geospring hot water heater, locate the red reset button beneath a panel on the side. If you prefer to perform a hard reset on a hybrid or electric version, cut off the power supply for 30 seconds and try the water again.

If resets don’t help, you can inspect the pipes, filters, heating components, and gas valve, all of which can keep your device from heaitng water properly if dysfunctional.