6 Reasons Your Frigidaire Dryer Won’t Work

It may be quite inconvenient whenever your dryer fails to work and leaves you without clean, dry laundry. However, there are a few things you may check to determine why your Frigidaire dryer won’t work.

A faulty thermal limiter, broken door switch, electrical abnormality, or motor failure might be the root cause of the malfunction. Both have straightforward, inexpensive, and quick solutions.

This article will help you diagnose and repair the problem.

Frigidaire Dryer Not Working: Reasons and Troubleshooting Guide

Simple modifications to your usage and maintenance can often repair a Frigidaire dryer that won’t start. These techniques to troubleshoot your dryer will help you determine if a DIY fix or professional help is required to repair the problem.

1. Not Enough Power

The first step in troubleshooting a Frigidaire dryer is to determine the source of power itself. It is possible that the dryer won’t start if it doesn’t have enough power from the outlet.

To assess potential power imbalances, verify that the dryer is correctly connected into a working circuit breaker. An extension cord most often will not be able to supply the required amount of power to the dryer.

Check the fuse box as well for any blown circuits. Replace any tripped fuses and repair any blown breakers.

2. Incorrect Settings

Some setting categories on the control panel, such as the “Control Lock,” may have a delayed start, whereas others, such as the “Delay Start,” would shut all dryer functions. Likewise, cycle settings such as “Air Fluff” or “Damp Dry” utilize mainly heat, giving the impression that your dryer is taking forever to dry your clothes.

Once you’ve verified the dryer is receiving enough power, check is the cycle setting of the dryer. If the dryer is locked, press and hold the “Control Lock” power button for five seconds to unlock it. See if the settings on your cycle are to the temperature and time needs of the load.

3. The Frigidaire Dryer Thermal Fuse Is Blown

frigidaire dryer thermal fuse is blown

Another safety mechanism of a Frigidaire dryer is its thermal fuse, which protects the clothing inside from overheating or burning. This fuse is usually found near the heating element of an electric dryer or the burner of a gas dryer. The fuse will explode if too much heating is identified, and all dryer operations will be disabled.

A defective or blown thermal fuse is a common problem. Test the heating element first. When checked with a multimeter, a burst thermal fuse will show no continuity and will need to be replaced respectively. If this is the case, replacing it with the service of a professional is needed.

The thermal fuse only blows if the appliance overheats or it’s worn out. As a result, we recommend inspecting your dryer vent for obstructions that might lead to overheating to prevent future blowouts and wearing.

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4. Faulty Door Switch and Defective Dryer Start Switch

Whenever the dryer door is closed, the door switch turns on. When the door switch over most dryers is activated, it creates an audible clicking noise. Try running your dryer and listening for the “click” sound to see whether the door switch functions. If it clicks, it most likely is not broken.

Conversely, if you do not hear a click, test the door switch for continuity using a multimeter. Replace or repair the switch if its continuity is not detected.

Do you hear a buzzing noise? When the “Start” button is pressed, an electric current is sent to initiate the drying cycle. The start switch could be defective if the washer does not turn on but produces a buzzing noise when the “Start” button is pressed.

If multimeter testing reveals a loss of continuity in the start switch, the start switch must be replaced. Replacing it might require the service of a professional to ensure your safety.

5. Broken Belt Switch

broken belt switch

On some dryers, when the drive belt fails, the engine will still operate but the drum will not revolve. Some dryers also include a mechanism that turns off the electricity to the appliance if the drive belt malfunctions. However, when the switch malfunctions, the dryer’s control board may be turned off even if the drum belt is not damaged.

When you start the dryer, it should emit a buzzing sound. If it doesn’t, look up your dryer’s model number and verify whether or not it has a belt switch. If your dryer includes a belt switch, check for continuity using a multimeter. Replace the switch if it does not have continuity.

Check this related video to fix your broken belt switch with more visual instructions.

6. Dryer Motor Failure

If you’re Frigidaire dryer still won’t work, the dryer motor may be broken. This can happen from either normal wear and tear or from frequent overheating caused by blocked dryer vents.

When a motor breaks, it is not repairable, and you must replace it immediately. For this difficult task, we recommend for you to call the service of an appliance repair company.


As inconvenient as fixing an appliance is, you can speed up its recovery by diagnosing and repairing the problem yourself. And luckily, when you’re unable to, your diagnostics will save the service technicians time – and your money.

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