How to Fix a Whirlpool Washer Not Filling With Water

At times, you might find your Whirlpool washer not filling with water properly. This may lead to many problems if not fixed at once. To resolve this matter we must know the mechanics of a Whirlpool washer.

One of the main reasons behind this occurrence is the improper working of the water level switch. This switch is an integral part of a Whirlpool washer as it manages the amount of electricity entering the water inlet valve.

The basic functioning of many Whirlpool washers is that the switch redirects the power to the motor once the tub is filled with a certain water level set on the timer. If for any reason the switch is working defectively, it will result in the Whirlpool washer not being filled properly.

Other causes might include a fault within the inlet hoses or choked screens, defect in the water inlet valve of your washer, low water pressure of the house system, or flawed lid lock.

3 Common Reasons Why Your Whirlpool Washer Isn’t Filling With Water Properly + Solutions


As follows are the three most common reasons why a Whirlpool washer may not be filling properly.

Clogged Hoses

Before you start to pull apart your washer in hopes of finding a defect, you should first make sure that the fill hoses aren’t blocked. Also, check if the hose is twisted or bent, as that can deeply impact the amount of water entering your Whirlpool washer.

If there are no kinks in sight, proceed to unhook the hoses from the valves and examine the filters that are attached to them. The clogged filters can affect the water supply. To solve this issue, you’ll need to replace the filters.

Low Water Pressure

Sometimes, when there’s a lot of faucets running simultaneously, it can influence the water pressure in your household.

Clogged screens and water lines can also result in a slight decrease in water pressure, which causes your washer to fill up slowly, making it a time-consuming process.

To check if you have satisfactory water pressure, follow the steps below:

  1. Attach the hose to the water supply valves of your washer
  2. Detach the fill hoses from the backside of your machine
  3. Put the hoses on the sink then switch on the water supply valves
  4. If there’s any leakage of water, it means you have a water pressure problem that requires fixing

Flawed Lid Lock

One possibility of your washer not filling properly is that the lid lock is flawed. The lid lock helps limit the amount of water filling in your machine as you open the lid.

A malfunctioned lid lock means that any action done on the lid doesn’t cue the inlet valve to open, resulting in an empty washer.


Here are some of the most frequent questions we’ve received.

How do I reset my whirlpool washing machine?


The reset option available in the whirlpool washing machines comes in handy when there is some error code or when the mechanism is at fault. The simple steps to reset to default settings are as follows:

First, turn off the washing machine. Next, rotate the dial for mode settings to ‘Normal.’ Now, turn the dial one click in a counter-clockwise direction, then three clicks in a clockwise direction, then again one click in a counter-clockwise direction, and once more to the right in a clockwise direction.

Once done with the above-mentioned steps, press the ‘Start/Stop’ button then rotate the dial and wait for the following three lights to turn on: Rinse, Wash, and Stop. Next, turn the washer off and take out the plug for about 10 seconds. Your machine will be fully reset once you turn it back on after the specified time.

Why is my whirlpool washer filling extremely slow?

washing machine

Your water inlet valve may be defective. This happens when the valve does not receive adequate water pressure (at least 20 psi) to function properly.

If you find that the pressure of water is as per the requirement, consider cleaning off the screens present inside the connection ports of the water inlet valve. If the problem is still not solved after taking these measures, replace the inlet valve completely.


Fixing a Whirlpool washer that’s not filling properly can be a hefty task, but it can be carried out smoothly if you have basic knowledge of the mechanism of your appliance.

The complications usually arise from a faulty water level switch, obstructed hoses, or both. They can also emerge from a malfunctioning timer or a glitch in the latch door.

Identifying the cause of the problem is the first step toward fixing your Whirlpool washer. Good luck!

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