UE Error Code on a Samsung Washer – Fixed

These days, advanced self-diagnostics systems are built into Samsung washing machines. They determine malfunctions independently by analyzing the state of individual nodes and scanning the sensors. When a problem is discovered, an indicator code appears on the screen. You can determine the nature and root of the issue if you understand these codes.

Error code: UE on a Samsung washing machine indicates a drum imbalance. This issue may show up as the code E4 on Samsung washing machines from before 2007 and the code UB on newer models.

The UE error code is usually displayed on the third, seventh, or ninth minute of the spin cycle. However, the problem might occur at any point once the spinning process has begun. Read on to understand the causes of this error code and how to fix it.

Complications of Error Code: UE in a Samsung Washing Machine

An unbalanced load may lead to:

  • Suspension failure in tanks and drums – To hold the tub aloft, strong springs are utilized. This issue may cause further problems with the springs.
  • Cracked tanks – It has the potential to collide with and tear down the walls of your machine.

Drum imbalance may also damage motors, bearings, sensors, and other components of other nodes.

Top Causes of Samsung Washing Machine Error Code: UE

UE errors and disrupted balance are common in a Samsung washer at the start of the spin cycle. It appears as follows: After reaching a specific rotation speed, the Samsung washing machine stops spinning the drum and restarts it.

  • The washer is loaded with different sizes of laundry – Small and large items must be washed individually.
  • A variety of fabrics are loaded into the device – The sides of the tub may be uneven due the water retention and weight of different fabrics. Shoes may also cause an error in your Samsung washer if not placed inside a bag.
  • Overloaded washer – You may have packed it with too much laundry, going over the recommended load. Conversely, you may have
  • Your laundry is twisted after the last spin– Twisted laundry creates uneven weight distribution and disrupts the spinning of the drum.

Luckily, most of these are easily fixed within minutes to seconds.

Fixing Samsung Washing Machine UE Error Code

Evenly Balance the Laundry

An unequal distribution of clothes might cause a Samsung washer UE code error. To address this, spread out the clothes in the drum before restarting the cycle. Then, if the load exceeds the machine’s weight limit, remove any additional clothing and repeat.

In the event of an underloaded washer, place a heavy item such as a bedsheet or towel into the washer alongside your single or light item. Then, put similar-fabric items in the same wash load. Finally, push the start/pause button to restart the cycle.

Find Any Broken or Faulty Components

Unplug the machine from the socket. Then, locate the drive belt and thoroughly inspect it. If the belt is damaged or stretched out, it should be replaced.

If the drive belt is in good operating order, look for a collapsible bearing. Replace the bearing with a new one if it’s broken.

If the bearing is functional, look for any broken or damaged seals in the stuffing box. Faulty seals should be removed and replaced with new ones.

Lastly, plug the switch back into the socket and restart the washer. Check the washer’s display for error codes. Continue with this guide if the error persists.

Reposition the Washing Machine

Reposition Machine

Your Samsung washer should be positioned on a flat surface. If the washer is placed on an uneven surface, it may throw off the drum balance and generate a UE error code.

Turn off the washer and unplug it from the outlet. Place a leveling tool on top of the washer to check its stability and if it’s leveled. If unstable or not level, adjust the legs of the washer.

First, loosen the lock nut on the leg you’d like to change. If you want to lower it, rotate it clockwise; if you want to raise it, rotate it counterclockwise. After adjusting the washer, tighten the lock nut. Finally, use the level again to verify the washer’s balance. Once the washer is level, plug it back into the socket, turn it on, and run a test cycle.

Other Samsung Error Codes



UE error codes can be startling, but luckily there are many checks you can conduct yourself to see what’s wrong and fix your Samsun washer yourself. However, if you complete these checks and fixes but your washer still won’t work right, a service technician should be able to solve it for you.

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