Why Is My Midea Washer Dryer Combo Not Drying – 5 Possible Reasons

Investing in a washer dryer combo is an excellent decision, as it washes and dries your clothes in one go. Because it saves time and effort, it is expected that you will be quite frustrated if your washer dryer combo isn’t working the way it should.

So, why is your Midea washer and dryer combo not working? The main reason why it might not be working is that there is something wrong with the water taps. Your Midea washer dryer combo needs a continuous supply of cold water to perform both functions.

There are other problems that involve the heating system, exceeding the capacity, having lint buildup, or clogged vents. In this article, we’ll talk about these several problems and how to handle each one of them.

No Access to Water

no access to water

Not only will this prevent your Midea washer dryer combo from cleaning your laundry, but it will also prevent it from drying your clothes if they are already wet. Water is crucial for your washer dryer combo to perform the drying function, which is probably why you chose to invest in a washer dryer combo in the first place.

While a standard dryer uses heat to dry your wet laundry, a washer dryer combo uses cold water to condense the moisture in the air. This means that before checking any components of the heating system or the electric circuit, you need to check that the water taps are fully open to help the dryer do its function.

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Overloading the Dryer

This is quite common because people who buy a washer dryer combo usually forget that the capacity of the washer is almost double that of the dryer. This means that if you wash a full load, you need to divide the amount of clothes into two different sections to dry them right after one another.

Adding too many clothes to the washer will make your clothes harder to dry. There should also be some space inside to allow your washing machine to fully spin and wring out all the excess water. With an overcapacity, your washer and dryer will both work extra to clean and dry your laundry.

Lint is Building Up

lint is building up

Every time you use your washer and dryer, a little bit of lint accumulates until it eventually clogs the filter. When the lint builds up, it prevents the hot air from flowing into your dryer and remove the excess water and dry your wet clothes.

The only way you can avoid this problem is to clean your dryer after every use. It might seem like a lot of work, but it will save you a lot of hassle because your dryer will stay functional.

If lint has already built up and clogged your filter, remove it and clean it. Cleaning lint will also prevent fire hazards.

Air Vents Are Closed

Your washer dryer combo has air vents that drive the hot air to the outside. These air vents can become clogged naturally by leaves or other debris that accumulate. The change in weather can also clog your air vents with snow. Your kids might even accidentally or deliberately clog the vents.

Checking and cleaning the vents is the best solution because it will save you a lot of maintenance money. It also guarantees that your Midea washer dryer combo will remain functional.

Heating Element Is Malfunctioning or Broken

Your water dryer combo might be producing heat to dry your wet laundry, but your clothes are still wet because the heat generated isn’t strong enough to dry a whole load.

If you want to test the heating element, you can run your dryer for a few minutes on a normal cycle and check if the drum is wet. The reason might have to do with a clogged drain pump filter that needs to be cleaned, or you might have to replace a fuse.

There could also be a problem with one of the wires that run through the heating system. Again, you can use a meter to check the resistance of every wire until you find the faulty one. In most cases, your Midea washer dryer combo will produce an error code that signifies that there is something wrong with the heating cycle.


1. Why is My Washer Dryer Combo Taking More Time to Dry Clothes?

Washer dryer combos do both jobs, one after another. While you might not be exceeding the washer’s capacity to clean your laundry, there might not be enough space inside the dryer to circulate the hot air to remove the moisture from your clothes. This is why the dryer’s capacity is almost half that of the washer.

2. Can You Use a Washer Dryer Combo For Drying Only?

Yes, you can. Your washer dryer combo usually has two drying settings, one for cottons and another for delicates. If you have a wet load of laundry, you can simply put it in the dryer and choose the right drying setting.

3. How Much Time Does it Take to Wash and Dry My Clothes in a Washer Dryer Combo?

The time needed varies according to the program you have chosen and the amount of laundry. For example, washing your clothes can take between 30 minutes and one hour and a half, while drying them will typically take between one hour and three hours.

In general, it takes more than 3 hours to wash and dry a whole load of clothes if there is nothing wrong with your washer dryer combo. If the air vents are clogged, it might take up to 6 hours, or even more.


If your Midea washer dryer combo isn’t drying your clothes, there is probably a problem with the water taps. If you are sure that water is working properly, you need to ensure that you are not exceeding the dryer’s capacity.

You might also have a clogged air vent, or lint might have built up and clogged the filter. If nothing is wrong, there might be a problem with the heating cycle.

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