Where to Find the Toilet Model Number

To properly order new toilet parts or fix a specific part of your toilet, you will need to know where to find the toilet model number. Most toilet numbers are approximately four digits long, and some brands may have a letter in front of the numbers as well.

Find the toilet model number

Toilet model numbers can tell you all about the make and model, so toilet manufacturers know exactly what parts will fit and work properly. The American Standard toilet offers many types of toilets such as dual flush, gravity, high efficiency, pressure-assisted system, and more. This means there are many different parts for a lot of different toilet models, similar to cars and specific car parts.

Knowing your toilet model number will make the process of replacing and ordering parts much easier. Still, if you have never looked for one before, you might be wondering, ‘where exactly is the toilet model number located?’

So, now onto where to find the toilet model number…

You can often find the toilet model number by lifting the toilet water tank lid and looking underneath. You will likely find the toilet manufacturer and model number stamped on or painted with waterproof paint on the bottom of the lid. If the lid was replaced at some point in time, you might even find the number and manufacturer handwritten on the lid.

If you can’t find the model number underneath the toilet water tank lid, try looking inside the water tank itself. You will need a flashlight for this; look around the walls of the tank. Generally, it will either be stamped or painted above the waterline, but if you still can’t find it, check below the water line or behind the toilet flush valve.

Some manufacturers might even stamp the model number on the bottom of the water tank, so be sure to shine your light all around if you have difficulty locating the number.

Some of the more modern toilets under the American Standard toilet have the manufacturing name on the toilet bowl between the bolts that attach the toilet seat to the bowl. This is a good clue to help put you on the right track if you still can’t locate the number since you can now research or contact the manufacturer.

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How Do I Find the Model Number of My Kohler Toilet?

Depending on the brand and model of toilet you have, the toilet model numbers will be in different locations. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular brands of toilets and where their model numbers are, starting with Kohler toilets:

One piece toilet: Kohler toilets make one and two piece toilets. One piece toilets have the base, bowl, and tank all attached as one complete unit. You can find the toilet model number inside the water tank, either engraved into the toilet or stamped with blue or black ink. The number is 4 to 5 digits long and usually has a K prefix. In some cases, the numbers will also have 97 or F. as prefixes.

Two piece toilet: Kohler’s two piece toilets are similar to the one piece toilets, except the water tank and bowl are two separate pieces with individual model numbers. The numbers will look similar and have the same possible prefixes; however, there are two model numbers. The model number specifically for the tank can be found inside the tank, and the bowl model number can be found engraved on the underside of the bowl flange.

Where Do I Find the Model Number On My Gerber Toilet?

The next popular brand is Gerber toilets. They also have different models of toilets, including one piece and two piece toilets.

One piece toilet: You can find the model number for a one piece Gerber toilet inside the water tank on the back wall. It should be close to the water line making it easy to spot with a flashlight. You will also have the cast date, bar code, and serial number in this location.

Two piece toilets: Like Kohler’s two piece toilet, you have the bowl model number and the tank number since they are separate pieces. The bowl model number is located in the same area as Kohler’s, engraved under the toilet bowl rim. The toilet tank model number can be located in the same spot as the one piece toilet, inside the water tank on the back wall.

How Do I Find the Model Number of My Mansfield Toilet?

Lastly, we will look at where to find the model numbers on Mansfield toilets. They have many different makes and models, so it is important to get the correct parts. You can usually find the toilet model number for Mansfield toilets stamped onto the back wall or side of the water tank.

Along with the model number will likely be a GPF number, which is the gallons per flush rating.

This is unique to Mansfield as many of its toilets have taken a different approach to keep up with the water efficiency standards rather than creating brand new models. They have redesigned the way their older toilets flush, so on Gerber or Kohler’s toilets, it will be unlikely to find a gallons per flush rating besides the model number.

Are All Toilet Flushers Universal?

Not all toilet flushers are universal, but the majority of them are! Many universal handles can fit on your toilet, no matter the model or toilet tank lever. An easy way to figure out if a specific handle will work with your toilet is by finding the manufacturer and model number and calling to see what your options are.

Depending on your toilet, you may have to make some slight adjustments with your new flusher, but most of the time, they should fit properly if they are branded as universal.

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