How to Find Kohler Toilet Model Number

No matter what model toilet you have, when you go to repair it, it’s important to know the toilet model number. If you have a Kohler toilet, then you are probably wondering how to find Kohler toilet model number. You must know the toilet model numbers because different toilet parts of your Kohler toilet could have different serial numbers or toilet model numbers.

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This article will talk about how to find Kohler toilet model numbers and what numbers, and what you can do with that information.

Finding Kohler toilet model numbers can be complex because they are located in several different places depending on the type of toilet you have. If you have a one-piece Kohler toilet, the Kohler model number is typically in the toilet tank. For two-piece toilets, the Kohler model numbers are found inside the bowl and the tank and are special for those toilet parts.

If you want to learn how to find the model number of your Kohler toilet, keep reading for more information and a guide to help you find the model numbers.


How Do I Know What Model Toilet I Have?

If you end up needing to repair your Kohler toilet, and you aren’t sure where to look for the model number or serial number, there are a couple of places that you can look. Once you’ve figured out how to find your Kohler toilet model number, you can then find the correct parts to repair your toilet.

Something to note is the difference between a one-piece and a two-piece Kohler toilet. A one-piece Kohler toilet is one full piece; there is no way to disconnect the tank from the bowl. But with two-piece Kohler toilets, you can disconnect the tank and the bowl. This is important to know to help you figure out what your toilet product model number is.

Tank Toilet Model Number

For one- and two-piece Kohler toilets, the toilet serial number is found inside the toilet tank.

  • Open the lid of the toilet tank and set the toilet tank lid aside.
  • Locate the model number in the tank. It is typically stamped on the toilet tank with black or blue ink or even molded into the toilet itself.
  • The model number will consist of four to five digits, containing a K at the start of the Kohler model number.
  • You might find that the model number is led by an F or 97. For example, F4166 and 974166 mean that the model number is 4166.
  • For one-piece toilets, the model number is for the entire toilet, whereas two-piece toilets mean that the model number in the tank is for the tank only.

Bowl Toilet Model Number

For two-piece toilets, the toilet serial number for the bowl is located inside the toilet bowl.

  • Look underneath the toilet bowl rim on the back of your Kohler toilet.
  • The bowl model number will be molded into the China on the underside of the toilet bow’s rim.
  • The serial number on the bowl of the toilet is meant for the toilet bowl only.

Tank Lid Model Number

The toilet tank lid also contains a model number that could be important to know.

  • Remove the toilet tank lid and set it aside.
  • Look underneath the toilet tank lid and locate the model number molded into the China or stamped with black or blue ink.

Identifying the Toilet Model Number with the Serial Number

Toilet model numbers can also be determined by locating the serial number of your Kohler toilet.

  • Remove the toilet tank lid and set it aside.
  • Look inside the toilet tank, either on the side or back of the tank, to see if you can find the serial number.
  • If the serial number isn’t on the tank, look at the back of the toilet tank.
  • If you still can’t find it, look under the toilet bowl.

Intelligent Kohler Toilet Model Number

If you have an intelligent Kohler toilet, the Kohler model number can be found using the toilet serial number. Toilet serial numbers can be found behind the access panel, underneath the toilet. On the back of the toilet lid and under the vitreous shell.


Locating your Kohler toilet model number or serial number is important if you need to repair the toilet. Finding the toilet model number can be difficult because it can be in various places, including inside the toilet tank, under the toilet bowl, or on the back of the toilet tank. Where the model number is located depends on if you have a one- or two-piece Kohler toilet.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Find My Kohler Part Number?

You can find your Kohler part number on the product label of the box in which the part was packaged. If you threw away the package or just don’t have it, you can read the manual that came with your toilet to find the part number. If you don’t have the manual, your best bet is to locate the model number of your Kohler toilet using the steps above.

How Do You Replace Kohler Toilet Parts?

If you need to replace Kohler toilet parts, you need to know the model number of your toilet. For example, your Kohler toilet model number will tell you what type of toilet flapper you need to buy. In most cases, when you go to purchase new parts for your Kohler toilet, you’ll be asked what the model number of your toilet is to ensure that you are getting the right parts.

Are Kohler Toilet Tanks Interchangeable?

Kohler toilet tanks are not interchangeable. While some brands can be interchangeable, the consensus is that the toilet tank model numbers are made for the specific toilet that they’re found on. Because of this, they cannot be interchanged with other models.

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