F5E1 Maytag Washer Error Code? 3 Common Causes (and How To Solve Them)

Laundry is a chore that most people would be happy to do without. So, when your washing machine displays an error code, it can be very frustrating indeed. But don’t fret if your Maytag Washer signals an f5e1 error code; it’s a pretty routine problem that you may be able to fix easily.

The f5e1 error code on your Maytag washer indicates that there’s a problem with the lock on its door. You may receive an f5e1 error code if you pressed start while the washer door was open or if the door on your Maytag washer won’t lock or unlock.

In this article, I’ll cover the 3 common causes of this error code in detail, let you know how to fix them, and answer your FAQs.


1. You Pressed Start While the Washer Door Was Open

When you’re in a rush to get the laundry done, it’s easy to accidentally hit the start button before you shut the door on your washer. It’s also possible not to notice anything amiss if your washer begins to fill with the door still ajar. However, the washer’s lid must be completely closed and its lock properly secured for the washing machine to start a cycle.

In this case, the simplest solution is to close the washer’s lid and restart the cycle. Your washer should now function normally. However, if the washer doesn’t start after you close the lid, and you continue to get the f5e1 error code, there may be an issue with your washer’s lid switch.

How To Fix Your Maytag Washer’s Lid Switch

The lid switch is a mechanism that tells your machine whether or not its door is open or closed. There typically aren’t quick fixes for lid switches—you’ll have to replace a defective one entirely. Replacing it is a bit of an involved process, so I recommend checking your warranty coverage to see if Maytag will cover a professional repairman’s fees. 

If your washer is not covered by a warranty, you may have to fix its lid switch yourself. To replace your lid switch, you’ll need a new lid switch, a nut driver, screwdrivers, a putty knife, and gloves. When you’re ready to begin, proceed as follows: 

  1. Turn off the water and electricity supply to your machine.
  2. Tape the washer lid shut so that it won’t hinder your work.
  3. Access the back of the washer, and find its control panel.
  4. Unscrew and prop open the panel.
  5. Using your nut driver, release the lid switch from the top panel and let it hang by its wire.
  6. Use your screwdriver to open the control console on the back of your washer.
  7. Remove the lid switch from the washer and tape the lid back down.
  8. Put on your new lid switch and put your washer console back together.
  9. Restore the electricity and water supply.
  10. Try out your new lid switch.

2. The Door on Your Maytag Washer Won’t Lock

If you see the f5e1 code before you have even begun a new wash cycle, it’s most likely because your washer’s door will not lock. As mentioned earlier in this article, the door on your washing machine must lock for a cycle to start. So, if the door won’t lock, you’ll be stuck with a load of dirty clothes you just loaded into your machine.


How To Fix a Washer That Won’t Lock

Before implementing any fix, ensure nothing is blocking the locking mechanism—this can include soap, dust buildup, or stray bits of clothing from your laundry.

If that doesn’t fix it, your washer’s locking mechanism may be defective. Alternatively, there may be an issue with your lid switch—a worn-out lock is especially possible if you’ve had your Maytag washing machine for a while. In this case, contact Maytag support or follow the steps described in the earlier section to replace the lid switch yourself. 

3. The Door on Your Maytag Washer Won’t Unlock

The lock on your Maytag washing machine is there to ensure its door stays securely fastened across the entire wash cycle. It will not unlock until the spin cycle comes to a complete stop and all of the water drains out of the machine’s drum. 

If you get an f5e1 error code on your washer at the end of your cycle, it is likely that the door won’t unlock for you to get to your freshly washed clothes.

How To Fix a Washer That Won’t Unlock

A door that won’t unlock typically has a pretty easy fix—unplugging the washer and plugging it back in. If you can’t access the plug, you may need to pull the machine away from the wall to reach it.

Once you get to the plug, remove it from the power source and wait two minutes. This will reset your washer’s controls. After two minutes, plug the washer back in and run a drain and spin cycle to get rid of any remaining water. After the cycle is done, the door should unlock.

If none of these fixes work, call Maytag for service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Bypass the Lid Lock on a Maytag Washer?

To bypass the lid lock on a Maytag washer, disconnect your washing machine’s power supply and access its control panel. Lift the panel until the lid lock is on the underside. Finally, restore the washer’s power supply. 

Once you start the washer, you’ll find that the lid lock is bypassed. Please know that this isn’t something I recommend you do. It can void your washing machine’s warranty, and you can seriously hurt yourself.

How Do You Reset the Code on a Maytag Washer?

To reset the code on a Maytag washer, hit the pause or cancel button and remove your clothes from the machine. If you still get the same error code, unplug your washing machine from its power supply and wait two minutes. On restoring the washer’s power supply, the code should reset.

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An f5e1 error code on your Maytag washer, indicates there is an issue with the lock on the washer’s door. 

In future, ensure that you always press start only after closing the washer lid and keep the locking mechanism clean to avoid lock issues. When in doubt, reset your washer. If any problem feels too complicated to handle, call a repairman to prevent further damage to the machine.

Follow these tips, and you should be back to having fresh, clean clothes in no time.