F5 Error Samsung Dishwasher – Fixed

Why is my dishwasher showing an f5 error code? Is it time to call the repair technician? You’re not alone if you’ve asked these questions. 

F5 errors are pretty common in Samsung dishwashers. Fortunately, they are not that serious. 

F5 error codes come up when there’s a problem with the spray arms. In most cases, a food particle or pieces of broken glassware is the culprit behind these errors. 

These popular dishwashers with display screens will often display error codes when there’s a problem with specific components in the machine. Sometimes, Samsung dishwashers may emit light or beeping sounds when showing error codes. 

This article will answer questions about the f5 error code in Samsung dishwashers. 

F5 Error Code and Spray Arms

Imagine a high-powered sprinkler removing dirt off cars in a car wash. Spray arms work in that manner: They are responsible for distributing water around the appliance. They are fan-like structures with little holes for dispersing high-pressure water. 

Some dishwashers may have as many as three spray arms. 

dishwasher spray arm

How Do I Fix the F5 Error on My Samsung Dishwasher? 

Is it stressful seeing a dishwasher error code pop on your Samsung appliance? Should you ignore or start worrying? Thankfully, the F5 Error code is not as dire as more technical errors.

The F5 error comes up when there’s a blockage in the spray arms. A blocked spray arm won’t efficiently clean your dishes. Thus, you’ll end up with greasy plates or glassware at the end of a wash cycle. 

Follow these instructions on how to fix F5 errors in Samsung dishwashers:

  1. Unplug the dishwasher from the power outlet.
  2. Inspect the spray arms for blockages. You may need to unscrew the spray arm to get a closer inspection. While you are at it, check the bearing ring for signs of wear and tear. Use your fingers to feel the length of the drain pipe for blockages. 
  3. Plug in and switch on the appliance. Is there an F5 error code showing on the screen? Well done if there’s no F5 error code. Now, try to operate a cycle. There should be enough water pressure once you remove all debris or particles from the spray arms. 

How to Reset F5 Error on Samsung Dishwasher?

Fixing the drain and spray arm is one part of the equation. You need to reset the appliance to restore all standard functions. 

Press down on the Start/Reset button. Hold it down for a few seconds, and press again. The dishwasher will restart and clear all error codes. However, the error codes might persist after a reset. Don’t try to restart again if the error code is still showing.

This is the time to call a technical repairer to help gauge the problem. Resetting the appliance again will erase the error code’s history on the system. Furthermore, it makes it difficult for a maintenance specialist to diagnose correctly. 

Try using a power cycle if the dishwasher still displays the f5 code. You can perform a power cycle by unplugging the dishwasher from the power outlet. Then, you wait for five minutes before plugging it back. 

Voila! You’ve fixed the F5 message without spending a dime. Don’t forget to contact a professional service person if you still see the F5 code after resetting.

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Is E2 Error Code the Same as F5 in Samsung Dishwashers? 

Both the E2 and F5 error codes result from a problem with the dishwasher water supply. However, E2 error codes result from a more significant problem: insufficient water supply due to blockage in the water supply hose or spray arms. 

Users will often get an E2 when; there’s a blockage in the spray arms, or the water supply is not switched on. So, always check the water input hose and the spray arms in an E2 error code situation. 

dishwasher interior

How to Fix E2 Error Codes in Samsung Dishwashers 

To fix E2 error codes in Samsung dishwashers, start by clearing the debris from the water supply hose. Clean debris by removing the filter and bottom dish basket. In addition, clean the bottom of the machine. 

On the other hand, you can also check the water inlet valve. Access the water inlet valve by taking off the side panel. Take a picture of the connections for later use. Switch off the water tap and remove blockages in the valve. Next, replace the valve if damaged. 

Conclusion: Samsung Dishwasher F5 Error Code 

You can easily fix F5 error codes in Samsung dishwashers. Remember to consult your manual settings when in doubt. Always contact your nearest Samsung repair center to get replacements for damaged dishwasher components.