F08 Code Whirlpool Washer (Fixed)

If you keep getting the same error code on your Whirlpool washer, you’ll want to deal with it as soon as possible. The f08 error code is particularly annoying—it causes your appliance to stop running after a few moments, making it impossible to wash your laundry. It might even lock the machine door and refuse to let you open it.

The F08 error code on a Whirlpool washer means that there’s something wrong with the heater, usually an open circuit. There may be burnt or loose wires in the machine. You can still use the washer if you select cold water only until you fix or replace the heater component.

You’ll find more information on the f08 error code in this article. I’ll cover in detail what this means and how you can fix the problem.

f08 whirlpool washer

What is an F08 Error Code?

If your washing machine suddenly stops and displays an f08 error code, it means something’s gone wrong with the heater. Most likely, the device detects an open circuit. Since it’s unsafe to run with an open circuit, it shuts down. You’ll only notice this when trying to wash your clothes in warm water, as the heater isn’t needed when you only use cold water. 

In an open circuit, the power flow experiences a break in continuity, so the heater doesn’t receive enough power to run. Most of the time, loose or melted wires inside the machine cause the break. You might not be able to see them, so you’ll need to test for this with a digital multimeter.

Usually, an f08 error code means the heater has a problem. You won’t be able to wash your clothes in warm water until you fix it, but the appliance should still be usable otherwise.

How To Fix F08 Error Code

Now that you know that the heater’s the problem, it’s time to fix it.

You’ll need a Phillips screwdriver (possibly one large and one small) and a multimeter to test the circuit. For those who don’t have a multimeter, I recommend the AstroAI Multimeter 2000 (available on Amazon.com). It’s accurate, safe, and straightforward, making it a helpful tool everyone with appliances should have. Plus, it goes on sale often and is pretty affordable.

fix f08 whirlpool washer with multimeter

Once you have these tools, you’re ready to repair the machine using these steps:

  1. Unplug the washing machine. You must cut the appliance you’re working on from its power source, especially when working with electrical parts.
  2. Check the appliance manual. If you still have the manual, review it first. All washing machine models have their heating components in slightly different places.
  3. Remove the panel. Most front-loading machines have their heater behind the back panel. You can use your screwdriver to remove it.
  4. Locate the heater. The heater resembles a plug with a single metal piece in the shape of an “M” or “U.” 
  5. Check the heater’s circuit. You can now check the circuit’s continuity with your multimeter. You’ll need to repair or replace the heater if there is no detectable current. However, damaged wires are dangerous, so it’s always better to replace heaters with faulty wiring instead of trying to fix them.
  6. Remove and replace the heater. Until you can fix or replace the heater, you should remove it. That way, you can safely continue using the cold settings on your washing machine. Finally, replace the old heater and reattach the panel with your screwdriver.

This short YouTube guide explains how to use a multimeter on your washing machine:

Suppose you keep getting an f08 error code after fixing or replacing the heater. In that case, you’ll want to bring the appliance to a professional. There could be a more serious issue or a problem with the control panel.

Why You Need To Replace the Heating Element

Some cycles on Whirlpool washing machines require warm water to finish. If the device can’t access hot water, it might turn off, leaving your clothes half-washed. It also could continue running forever because it can’t complete the cycle—if you can get it to start.

In most cases, you will need to replace the heating element to remove the error code from your machine. Luckily, these parts last many years, so you shouldn’t have to replace them again unless there’s something very wrong with your washer that keeps causing them to break.

Overall, you want to keep your electronic parts in good condition for your safety. Leaving a faulty heater in your washer is risky, so make sure you remove it as soon as possible— even if you usually use cold water for your laundry. You can easily find spare parts online and in local repair shops.

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How Do I Clear the Error Code on My Whirlpool Washer?

To clear an error code on your Whirlpool washer, you must first address the problem the code represents. If the machine has a broken part, it will need to be replaced first for the error code to go away. You can also reset the washer by turning it off or cutting its power for a few minutes.

If you keep receiving error codes, you should deal with them before trying to use the washer again. Most error codes indicate a faulty part causing issues in the system. Once you replace it, the error code should go away.

You can reset the washer to remove the code, but it will return if the problem isn’t addressed. Sometimes there are no faulty parts and the washer simply needs to be reset, so there’s no harm in trying it.

Final Thoughts

In short, an f08 error code on your Whirlpool washer means it has a problem with the heater element. You’ll want to test the continuity of the component with a multimeter to determine if there’s an open circuit.

If there is, then you should repair or replace it. If there’s faulty wiring, then replacing the heater element is safer. You can still use the washing machine in the meantime, as long as you only use the cold wash settings.