F06 E02 Whirlpool Washer (Fixed)

F06 E02 is one of the many error codes on Whirlpool washers, which is also displayed as F6E2 in several models, including the steam and non-steam variants. Your Whirlpool washer will not function if it has the F06 E02 error code. So, what does this fault imply, and how do you fix it?

The F06 E02 Whirlpool washer code indicates a communication error between the user interface (UI) and central control unit (CCU). Sometimes, the error code may show up due to communication issues among the UI, CCU, and motor control unit (MCU). 

The UI and CCU have bidirectional communications, so the electrical connectivity fault could be either way. The same technicality applies to the communications between the CCU and MCU. Read on to learn how to test and detect faulty connections or components and what steps you need to take to repair or replace them. 

f06 e02 whirlpool washer

The Causes of F06 E02 Whirlpool Washer Error Code

Generally, Whirlpool washers have 3 different F06 EXX or F6 EX error codes. The 3 error codes are due to the following problems:

  • F06 E01 or F6 E1: Communication fault between the CCU and the MCU.
  • F06 E02 or F6 E2: Communication issue from the UI to the CCU.
  • F06 E03 or F6 E3: Communication issue from the CCU to the UI.

An F06 E02 or F6 E2 code technically implies the communication error is from the UI side to the CCU. However, you should also check for a probable communication error from the CCU to the UI. 

A contemporary Whirlpool washer has reliable diagnostics, but they aren’t always flawless. Both F06 E02 and F06 E03 error codes essentially mean that the system has been unable to detect the communication between the user interface (UI) and the cycle or central control unit (CCU).

Likewise, the F06 E02 or F6 E2 does not mean there is a communication problem between the CCU and MCU. But these connectivity-related system issues are so closely interlinked that the error codes may overlap. Thus, you may have to diagnose each of these faults sequentially.

How To Diagnose an F06 E02 Whirlpool Washer Error Code

When diagnosing an F06 E02 error code, you should always have your user manual handy before. You should also check the wiring diagram on your Whirlpool washer, which is usually located under the top panel or cover. Refer to those schematics while performing the following tests to diagnose an F06 E02 error code. 

f06 e02 whirlpool washer error code

Check the AC and DC Power Supplies and Connections for the CCU

Here are the steps to perform a power check for the CCU and UI:

  1. Turn the circuit breaker off or unplug the Whirlpool washer from the wall receptacle.
  2. Get a quarter-inch (6.35 mm) nut driver or socket to remove the top panel’s rear screws.
  3. Slide and lift the top panel off the washer to access the wires, connectors, UI, and CCU.
  4. Inspect all the wires and harnesses to ensure they are properly fitted and connected.
  5. Look for any signs of burnt components, including the CCU, UI, connectors, and wires. Exercise caution hereon if you aren’t familiar with electrical circuits or terminal voltage.
  6. Turn the circuit breaker on to test the voltage at the wall receptacle with a voltmeter.
  7. Set the voltmeter to AC and check if you get a reading of around ~120V at the outlet. If you have a larger or combo Whirlpool washer, the terminal voltage needs to be ~240V.
  8. Perform this same test at the interference filter’s line and neutral input terminals. If the interference filter’s power terminals have low or fluctuating voltage, you will need to inspect the power cord for damage and replace it based on your findings.
  9. Replace the filter if its inputs don’t have voltage despite an alright power cord and outlet.
  10. If the filter terminals have proper voltage, test the same at the CCU input pins 1 and 2. Ensure the wires, connectors, and harnesses are snugly fitted to the CCU input pins.
  11. If the CCU pins have voltage, change your voltmeter from AC to DC to test the board. 
  12. Remove the interference filter and look for the set of 7 pins (UI7) on the bottom-right of the board.
  13. Test the DC voltage from the 7th pin (GND or ground) to the 2nd (VCC) pin in this set. The VCC (2nd) and GND (7th) pins should read around 5V DC, not AC.
  14. Next, test the DC voltage from the 3rd or -7V pin to the 2nd or VCC pin of the set. The DC voltage reading on your voltmeter or multimeter should be around 12V.
  15. If either or both DC voltage readings are unusual or an open loop, unplug the washer. Then, plug the washer into the wall outlet and perform both the DC voltage tests again. If there are open loops or unusual readings, replace the defective central control board.   

Test for Continuity Between the User Interface and Central Control Unit

Should everything be alright after all the above steps, you should test for continuity between the UI and CCU. Here are the steps taking off from the earlier tests:

  1. Unplug the Whirlpool washer from the wall receptacle or turn off the circuit breaker. 
  2. Set your multimeter to continuity testing mode or select the least ohms of resistance.
  3. Place the probes on C2 of the user interface and UI7 on the central control unit. Alternatively, test the DC voltage between the control board and the user interface.
  4. Ensure the UI is snugly fitted into the console and the wires and connectors are alright.
  5. Replace frayed, loose, or burnt wires and broken or damaged connectors or harnesses.
  6. If there’s no continuity or the DC voltage isn’t ~5V, replace the UI and housing assembly.
  7. Power up the Whirlpool washer and run the User Interface Test to see if there’s an error.

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Replace the Faulty User Interface or Central Control Board

Replace the faulty part based on the results of the above tests. However, you should only take this step after performing all the tests. This is because the continuity and voltage parameters of the UI depend on the CCU, which relies on the wall outlet or receptacle line voltage and power cable. 

Hence, nothing short of a comprehensive or holistic inspection will provide you with an accurate diagnosis. 

Here’s a short YouTube video that shows how you can replace a Whirlpool washer CCU:

In rare cases, both UI and CCU may be fine, and the F06 E02 Whirlpool washer might be due to a bad motor control unit (MCU). So, you should also test the continuity and voltage between the CCU and MCU. You can repair or replace the MCU based on your findings.   

motor control unit replacement

Whirlpool washers’ motor control units tend to have the following problems:

  • Broken transistors
  • Bad bridge rectifier
  • Stator assembly issues
  • Burnt components, etc.

Final Thoughts

Inspect the wires and harnesses to ensure there are no electrical discontinuity or power issues due to these components. Only then should you suspect a bad UI, CCU, or MCU. Before replacing any part, you should also test the UI, CCU, and MCU for the F06 E02 code for a definitive inference.