Where To Find Eljer Toilet Model Number

Have you ever needed to replace parts of your toilet? Toilets and their corresponding parts can be identified using three standard unique identifiers: the model number, brand or manufacturer, and color. Finding the location of the model number, the most important detail, can be challenging.

You can find the Eljer toilet model number on a sticker or tag on the back of the toilet tank or printed on the inside of the tank. If the model number is not on the toilet itself, check the packaging that came with it or look on Eljer’s website for information on specific models.

Eljer Toilet

Different brands place toilet model numbers in different places. In the rest of this article, I will discuss how you can find Eljer toilet model numbers, what they mean, and how to use this information.

How Do I Identify My Eljer Toilet Model?

You cannot repair a broken toilet if you don’t know which parts fit best. Eljer toilets have been popular for many years. Therefore, you can settle knowing that with a reputable brand, you are assured of quality products for your bathroom.

You can identify your Eljer toilet model by looking inside the toilet tank, contacting customer care, or searching for your model on their website. The model number is usually located inside or at the back of the tank.

If you happen to require repairs, here is how to locate model numbers on Eljer toilets:

  1. Carefully place the tank lid on the floor.
  2. Check on the tank near the water level mark.
  3. You will see a digit number, which is the equipment model number.

Here are some other ways of identifying your Eljer toilet model:

  • Contact Eljer customer service at 800-442-1902: 8:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. ET on weekdays and 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. ET on Saturdays.
  • Log in to the Eljer website and write to customer care with your equipment details.
  • Write to customer care with details of your equipment to their address, also available on their website.

Sometimes finding the toilet model number isn’t as straightforward. This means you have to employ several techniques to locate it. The model number is usually printed behind the unit, close to the bolts connecting the bowl and seat

fixing Eljer Toilet

However, if you don’t find it here, it could be in the bowl or inside the tank. You can use a flashlight and a little cleaning (with paper towels) to find it.

Here is a short YouTube video that will show you exactly where to look for your toilet model number:

Other Toilet Identifiers

If you can’t find your Eljer toilet model number location, there are other ways you can identify your toilet if you need the information for repairs.

The Brand Name

The brand name is the manufacturer’s name; in this case, you are looking for Eljer. You can find the brand name under the water tank lid for most toilets. You can also look for it under the water tank, on the tank’s walls, and between bowl bolts that attach the seat. You should not focus on the seat since most of these may not be from the same brand.

The Color of the Toilet

This feature cannot be employed by itself when finding the right spare part to fix your toilet. Additionally, most colors you see online differ slightly from the equipment in your possession, regardless of the close resemblance. However, if you’re in a pinch and on the line with customer care, this could be one of your identifiers.

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Eljer Toilet Malfunctions That May Need Intervention

Eljer Toilet

If you’re looking for your Eljer toilet model number, you’re likely looking to get it repaired. You’ll need to contact customer service so you can make an appointment with a technician. Here are some of the most common problems:

You Need To Flush Several Times

This problem could be due to the low water level in the tank hence the low pressure. However, if the water level appears to be full, the problem could be with the flapper. If this part is not working normally, you should replace it. A qualified technician will need to do this.

Toilet Refilling Every Few Minutes

If your toilet keeps refilling, look at the flapper or float first. The rubber stopper, which opens when you flush, wears out with time and may allow the water to flow even when closed. You need to replace it if that’s the problem.

Moreover, if the float is loose or defective in the fill valve, you will have water overflow from the supply. This issue could also cause continuous water flow into the toilet bowl.

Unable To Flush Fully

This problem is common with insufficient pressure buildup. The major cause of low pressure is insufficient water in the tank. Usually, such an issue could be a water supply problem or a broken float mechanism.

When the float and valve mechanism is malfunctioning, you’ll need to ascertain the damage to the equipment before replacement. Sometimes it could be a problem with too tight a nozzle. Restoring free water enables you to have a full flush.

unable to flush fully

Final Thoughts

The purpose of a model number on a toilet is to identify the piece of equipment so that when you need parts of the toilet to be fixed, you will know the correct parts to order. Getting it right the first time saves you extra costs, such as returns, mailing, and time. Hopefully, this guide has helped you figure out where the Eljer toilet model number location is and provided you with a good learning experience.