Electrolux Dryer Keeps Stopping

It can be a nuisance when your trusted Electrolux dryer starts and then stops suddenly. You’re left hanging your clothes on a clothesline or taking them to a nearby laundromat, and both take up so much time and effort. Luckily, troubleshooting Electrolux units is relatively easy.

dryer keeps stopping

Your Electrolux dryer may keep stopping if it detects an insufficient load or a faulty door. A communication error or defective idler wheel can cause your dryer to stop every five seconds. A problem with the thermostat can also cause your dryer to stop every five minutes. 

Dryers can be pretty complicated appliances – even simply finding the reset button sometimes takes a lot of effort! This article will help you identify why your Electrolux dryer keeps stopping and guide you with some fixes. Let’s get started!

Why Does My Electrolux Dryer Keep Stopping?

Your Electrolux dryer keeps stopping because its sensors may have detected an insufficient load. Dryers come equipped with sensors that detect how many clothes have been loaded into the machine. These sensors prevent the dryer from spinning when the load is too small. 

While this may be inconvenient, this mechanism actually saves you money and also prevents energy wastage. This could be one reason why your dryer starts and then stops. 

Why Does My Electrolux Dryer Keep Shutting Off?

Another issue could be a faulty door. If you’ve had your Electrolux dryer for a while, it’s bound to have some wear and tear. When your Electrolux detects that it isn’t fully closed, it will only operate briefly before the sensors command the machine to halt all systems. 

This mechanism prevents the spilling of heat outside the dryer. Without it, the dryer could give off excessive heat, which can be a fire hazard.

Electrolux dryer keep shutting off

How To Fix

The first thing you can do is load more clothes into the dryer. More clothes means more weight, and when your dryer senses that there are enough clothes in it, it should spin again normally. 

To fix a faulty door latch, you may have to engage a service engineer. Lots of Electrolux part replacements are available online, but if installed improperly, they may end up costing you more in the long run. You can schedule an appointment with an Electrolux-authorized repairman here

If the issue persists despite loading enough clothes into the machine, you can request the repairman to have a look at the dryer’s sensors. 

Electrolux Dryer Runs for Five Seconds and Stops

If there is movement that only lasts for around five seconds, one of the issues could be a communication error in the dryer’s system. 

It’s common for the motor to suddenly stop working and make a beeping sound. An E91 error will also flash on the screen, and in the worst cases, the buttons will stop working. This happens because the main control board that runs nearly all processes in the dryer cannot connect with the user interface. As a result, the user will not be able to send commands to the control board. 

Another possible issue could be a broken dryer belt system. The dryer belt propels the drum to spin. If it spins for only five seconds, the spin timing is off. Note that it’s not just the belt alone that controls the spin: there are also the pulleys and bearings. 

The idler pulley wheel, in particular, assists the drum belt in rotating the drum by adding the required tension. If the idler pulley wheel malfunctions, the spin will be off-tempo or impeded altogether. 

How To Fix

Fixing a communication error may involve disassembling the dryer to remove the user interface component and the main circuit board. The problem may be in the user interface receptors, the main circuit boards, or the wiring connecting the two. 

While it’s possible to take the machine apart on your own, most software diagnoses must be done by an expert. In some cases, they may have to replace the user interface entirely. 

To take out the drum belt: 

  1. Unplug the Electrolux and unscrew the cover plate at the back. 
  2. Once the cover plate is out, unscrew the heater. This will give you access to the belt. The belt should still be intact since the drum is still spinning, even if only for five seconds. 
  3. If you follow the length of the belt, you should see the idler pulley wheel. It’s located above a metal plate. 
  4. Unscrew the idler pulley to examine it. It may be the culprit if you see missing or misaligned grooves. 

A damaged idler pulley cannot provide the tension needed for the drum to spin. To replace the idler pulley, simply: 

  1. Unscrew the damaged idler pulley from the metal plate. 
  2. Insert the replacement and screw it onto the metal plate. 
  3. Reattach the belt onto the pulley and ensure it goes around the drum. 
  4. Re-screw all unscrewed components and turn your dryer on to see if the problem persists. 

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Why Does My Electrolux Dryer Stop After Five Minutes?

Your Electrolux dryer may stop after five minutes if the thermostat is faulty. The thermostat’s job is to ensure that the heat within the dryer unit isn’t too high. When a temperature limit is reached, the thermostat may command the dryer to shut down. 

The dryer shuts down about every five minutes, as this is how long it takes for the dryer to reach the temperature limit. 

My Electrolux dryer stop after five minutes

How To Fix

You will need to replace your thermostat if it’s faulty. Once you have your replacement, unplug the dryer. Then follow these steps: 

  1. Unscrew the main top of the dryer. The screws are found at the back of the machine. 
  2. Unscrew the entire front panel and detach the control panel. The control panel houses the buttons and the monitor. Both of its screws are located at the top and front of the dryer. The control panel also has various wire connections. Detach them carefully using a flat-head screwdriver. 
  3. Unscrew all screws that hold the front door. They’re found at the top and front of the dryer. 
  4. Place a small block underneath the dryer to keep it steady. 
  5. Unscrew the last screws that hold the entire front panel. They’re located underneath the dryer.
  6. Carefully detach the front door wire connecting the front panel to the dryer.
  7. The main control board can be found on the side of the drum. Detach all the wires and unscrew the entire control board from the dryer. Make sure to handle the control board with care. 
  8. Remove the drum belt from the pulley and motor shaft. 
  9. Use the belt to assist you in removing the drum. 
  10. Unscrew the heating housing and turn it over. The heating housing is the tube underneath the drum.
  11. Detach all the wires connected to the thermostat. The thermostat can be found on the side of the heating housing.
  12. Install the new thermostat and screw it in place. 
  13. Reattach all detached components from the dryer and add a sufficient load into the drum. 
  14. Start up your dryer for at least 10 minutes. If it works without stopping, you should be good to go. 


If your Electrolux dryer keeps stopping, the diagnosis will depend on how long the stop is. Some dryer complications can be solved by replacing faulty parts. A qualified service engineer can help you carry out any major repairs that may be required.