Electrolux Dryer Keeps Pausing

Electrolux dryers are a good choice for households of any size, but their regular and repeated use can make them prone to functioning issues from time to time. If you are wondering, ‘why is my Electrolux dryer pausing,’ this issue can sometimes be easily fixed without needing a technician. 

Electrolux dryer

Electrolux dryer may keep pausing because of a full water tank, overheating, an activated ‘Delay Start’ option, or a program defect. Solutions include emptying the water tank, not overloading the drum, cleaning the vent hose, disabling the ‘Delay Start’ option, or restarting the Electrolux dryer. 

In this article, I will discuss the common answers to the question ‘why my Electrolux dryer keeps stopping.’ I will also show you how to fix each issue and advise you when to ask for professional support.

Why Does My Electrolux Dryer Keep Pausing? 

If the Electrolux dryer goes to pause, there may be several causes. Some of them can be fixed with simple DIY maintenance, while others may need a professional check. 

Your Electrolux dryer keeps pausing, possibly due to a full water container, a switched-on ‘Delay Start’ option, overheating due to drum overload, faulty or blocked elements in the appliance, or a program malfunctioning.

Let’s discuss these reasons. 

1. The Water Tank May Be Full

The Electrolux dryer’s water tank is found within the dryer and collects the steam from drying clothes and condenses it into water. Depending on the type of dryer, it can be found on the upper or lower part of the appliance. The water tank needs to be removed, emptied, and placed back again inside the dryer after each use. 

If you do not empty the dryer tank after multiple uses, it’ll eventually fill with water, and there’ll be no space for additional water, causing the dryer to stop the cycle.

dryer cycle stop

How To Fix

To fix this issue, follow the steps below:

  1. Check whether the ‘water tank full’ indicator is on
  2. Remove the water tank from the dryer
  3. Drain the water tank
  4. Replace the water tank, making sure that it is properly positioned in the tray 
  5. Press the Start button

To avoid this issue in the future, make sure you empty the water container after each cycle or at least once every three to four cycles.

2. The ‘Delay Start’ Option May Be Activated 

An activated ‘Delay Start’ option makes the Electrolux dryer pause and start the cycle later. You can determine whether this option is activated by looking at the display screen or a ‘Delay Start’ button. 

How To Fix 

To deactivate the ‘Delay Start’ option, see the manual of your Electrolux dryer. For most dryers, switching the appliance on and off will automatically disable the Delay Start option. 

If you deactivate it and the pausing problem persists, there are other reasons behind your pausing problem. 

3. The Dryer May Be Overheated

A rise in the temperature inside the appliance during the drying process can also cause your Electrolux dryer to pause. The causes of an overheated dryer include:

  • Overloading the dryer’s drum. This can cause an airflow blockage, which hampers air circulation inside the drier and extends the drying time for clothes. The extended work time can cause overheating in the dryer’s elements, making the appliance pause.
  • A faulty heating element. The heating element heats the air that enters the drum, drying your clothes. It may accidentally touch the drum or any other appliance element, overheating the dyer and making it pause. 
  • A blocked ventilation hose. The ventilation hose releases hot air, moisture, and lint outside the dryer. If it is blocked, it may cause a reduction in the airflow. This can cause the dryer to smell like it’s burning and eventually stop the process. 

How To Fix

If you suspect that your Electrolux dryer keeps pausing due to overheating, here are some tips on preventing and detecting this issue.

Electrolux dryer keeps pausing due to overheating
  • Read the manual to find the maximum weight of clothes you can put in your dryer during a single cycle. Make sure you stay within that limit.
  • Untangle clothes before starting the dryer. Tangled clothes can prevent air from flowing freely in the drum, overheating the appliance.
  • Use a Multimeter if you suspect the overheating is caused by a faulty heating element. A multimeter is an electric instrument used to measure (among others) electrical resistance. If the multimeter reads 20 to 50 Ohms, the heating element works properly. Any value above or below this range would indicate a faulty heating element. 
  • Clean the ventilation hose. It may be clogged by lint, dust, and other small particles that collect over time. Make sure you clean the vent hose at least once a year. For better results, use a vacuum cleaner to remove even the smaller particles.

If the overheating problem is not resolved after taking these measures, you may need professional technical support.

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4. The Dryer May Have a Software Issue 

If the above suggestions still do not resolve the issue and your Electrolux dryer continues to pause, a program issue may need to be fixed. 

How To Fix 

To fix a possible software issue, restart the appliance and see whether it fixes your pausing problem. 

You can also unplug the device, leave it unplugged for some minutes, then plug it in again and start it. If these two remedies do not resolve the issue, consider booking a repair with a professional technician. 

Other Checks for an Electrolux Dryer That Keeps Pausing

Before turning to a technician, here are some last checks you can perform yourself on your dryer:

  • Check that the dryer’s door is completely locked before turning the appliance on
  • Check that the device is correctly connected to the power supply and there are no damages to the chord


The question ‘Why my Electrolux dryer keeps pausing?” is common. The pauses may signify something as simple as a full water tank, an overload of the drum, or an activated ‘Delay Start’ option. 

These issues can be avoided by following maintenance steps like regularly emptying the water container, following the manual instructions for the maximum load weight per cycle, or deactivating the ‘Delay Start’ option.

The issue may be more complicated if caused by faulty heating elements or a program defect. If the dryer keeps pausing after taking the above precautions, you should seek support from a technician.