Troubleshooting Electrolux Dishwasher Error Codes

There are a lot of factors why you may encounter problems with your dishwasher. From using too much detergent to overusing the appliance itself, it’s important to know what to do when these problems arise. It is certainly an inconvenience, especially if it happens to one of your most-used appliances. In this article, we’ll discuss how to properly maintain your appliance and break down the common problems you might encounter with your Electrolux Dishwasher. We’ll also list all Electrolux Dishwasher error codes so you can troubleshoot it yourself should you encounter these issues.

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Properly Maintaining Your Electrolux Dishwasher

It is important to always properly take care of your Electrolux dishwasher. This is to ensure that your dishwasher and other appliances will continue to operate and last you for years to come. Taking small steps to maintain your dishwasher will safeguard your machine from any major repairs down the line. Here are a few tips to get started:

Check for proper installation of the water inlet and drain pump – Before anything else, ensure that the inlets and hoses are properly connected and installed on the machine. Check that the drain pump and drain valve are always working. If there is an issue with the drain, an i20 error code will come up.

Always clean your dishwasher – Keeping your machine clean will ensure that the machine’s wash motor and other parts will function smoothly. This will also eliminate any debris build-up from the water, thus minimizing the need for replacement parts. Make sure to clean your dishwasher after every wash cycle.

Monitor the water temperature – Be on the lookout for a faulty temperature gauge on your machine. Turn your dishwasher on and check for a consistent temperature during your wash cycle to ensure it is not faulty.

Check for water leaks – Ensure that the drain system works properly to avoid water damage in the control panel or the need for a full repair due to water leakage. Check the wiring, keeping it dry at all times.

Check the switch & timers – Check the switch & timers regularly. If these are working properly, there are likely no issues with the electrical power, and the switches are functioning as they should be.

Know Which Parts are Having Issues

If you encounter dishwasher error codes with your Electrolux Dishwasher, check your manual to reference which part is potentially causing the error. This narrows down the problem and makes it easier to troubleshoot or identify if a part needs a replacement. Also, it’s a good idea to write down the code on display before fixing, replacing, or sending it to the service center to address the issue properly.

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Decoding the Error Codes

Electrolux Dishwashers come with a complete error code guide that addresses common problems your dishwasher might have. Watch out for these error codes displayed in the Service Mode. If your machine has a faulty issue, you can use this guide as a starting point to fix it.

Error CodeSolution
i00Insufficient voltage
i10Water Tap is Closed
i11During dynamic filling
i20Draining problem or blockage
i30Water detected from aqua control sensor
i40Analogue pressure sensor problem
i41No pressure sensor signal
i42Calibration invalid, pressure signal too noisy
i43Pressure sensor signal too high
i44Pressure sensor signal too low
i45Calibration invalid, pressure signal too low
i46Calibration invalid, pressure signal too high
i50Wash Motor Problem
i51Asynchronous motor problem
i52WP BLDC motor – abnormal high current detected
i53WP BLDC motor – over current
i54WP will not follow/ rotor is locked
i55DC Link overvoltage
i56DC Link under voltage
i57MCB Vbat voltage plausibility / ADC Fault
i58WP motor plug connection
i59WP current read ADC – fault
i5AOver temperature or Overload
i5BWP/DP current plausibility
i5CDP BLDC motor – abnormal high current detected
i5DDP BLDC motor – high current SW
i5EDP will not follow/ rotor is locked
i5FDP motor plug connection
i60Heating Element Problem
i61Heating over temperature
i70Thermistor problem. NTC sensor value out of range
i80Auto door opener malfunction
i81Auto door opener warning
i90Configuration Problem
i91Checksum MCF
i92Checksum CCF. The error is signaled if the configuration control of the washing cycles provided erroneous results.
i93Checksum UIDATA. The error is prompted once the configuration control of the UI data provided erroneous results.
i94The UIDATA VERSION does not meet the configuration file requirement attached to the UI board.
i95The UIDATA TYPE does not meet the configuration file requirement attached to the UI board.
iB0This means that there is a problem with the sensor. This error will prompt if the calibration procedure is not properly set after 15 sec.
iC0This means that there is a Communication Error or User interface communication problem.
iC1MACS bus communication. Your machine will attempt to establish communication. After three communication error attempts, the error is signaled in the hardware control.
iC2ADSI communication. The washing program will be terminated, but you can restart it once the error has been addressed.
iC3There is a problem with the communication between the appliance’s power board and its Motor Control Board.
iD0This might indicate a Tacho Problem or a signal error. If the washing pump has been selected and activated but no signal appears after a few seconds, the heating element might not be activated.
iD1This is a critical signal. Check if the washing pump is activated. If after 5 seconds there is no tacho signal, then the heating element might be temporarily deactivated. After checking again for another 30 seconds and there is still no signal appearing, the appliance will display an iD0 error code.
iE0Check the spray arm level for flow control position
iF0There might be a water level problem. Overfilling might be detected.
iF1Water level is too high
10The appliance is not filling with water
20The appliance is not draining the water
30The anti-flood device is turned on
TroublePossible Solution
The appliance is not filling with waterSomething is blocking the water tap or it may have limescale on it.Make sure the water tap is free of debris.The water pressure is insufficient.
The water tap is not openSomething is blocking the filter.The connection of the water inlet hose is incorrect.The water inlet hose is damaged.
The appliance is not draining the waterThere is debris blocking the sink spigot.The connection of the drain hose might be incorrect.The drain hose might have been damaged.The anti-flood device is on. Close the water tap and contact the service center.
The washing program is not startingThe appliance door is not closed properlyIt is unpluggedThe fuse box has been damagedThe delay start is set.
The dishes have not been washedThe washing program was ineffective for the type of load.The load was placed correctly in the baskets, or the water did not touch all surfaces.The filters have debris or are not assembled and installed correctly.The quantity of detergent was not sufficient for the load.
There is limescale on the dishesIt’s possible that the salt container may be empty.Insufficient amount of water softener. Adjust the water softener to the correct level.The salt container cap is not closed properly.
There are debris on glasses and dishesThe rinse aid quantity might be too high for the load.
Hard stains on glasses and dishesThe rinse aid quantity might be too low for the load.
The dishes are still wet after running the cycleThe washing program selected might be without a drying phase or with a decreased drying phase.
The dishes are wet and matteThe rinse aid dispenser might be empty. Fill the rinse aid dispenser with a sufficient amount of rinse aid.The multi-tab function might be on. What this function does is it automatically deactivates the rinse aid dispenser. Make sure to activate the rinse aid dispenser.

Following this guide can help you fix any issues that may appear in your Electrolux Dishwasher. Take note of the code that your dishwasher displays to reference what the issue is, and reference the corresponding repair to troubleshoot your dishwasher before calling a technician.

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