E1 F1 Error on Whirlpool Washer

Whirlpool washers were designed with the error code system in place to help you diagnose and locate the problem with your washer. Whether it’s a bad pump motor, a clogged drain hose, or a defective door, you can find and fix the problem by performing a diagnostic test and following the error codes and the instruction manual.

Still, while some codes might just need you to unplug and replug your washer, others are harder to solve and demand more work. Weirdly enough, the E1 F1 error can be extremely easy or very challenging to fix, according to what provoked the cause.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll talk about the F1 E1 error code, and we’ll tell what it means and what causes it. We’ll also tell you how you can fix it by yourself so that you don’t have to schedule service with an expensive appliance tech.

Meaning of the E1 F1 Error Code

An E1 F1 error code on a Whirlpool Duet washer indicates that there’s a problem with the appliance control unit (ACU). This problem can be due to an issue in its wiring or connectors or an actual damage to the components of the ACU.

Since the ACU controls everything in the washer, any damage to its memory or other components is critical to the washer’s performance. Therefore, seeing this error means that you should fix it at once, or else your washing machine will become a useless appliance.

Nonetheless, take care not to confuse this error code with the F01 error. In other Whirlpool washers, this error indicates a communication error or that the drain pump driver fails to activate. So, be sure to double-check the error code appearing on your display to know what you should fix in your washer.

Causes for The E1 F1 Error Code in a Whirlpool Front-Load Washer

Inadequate Voltage

If the voltage at the washer’s power source isn’t within the levels that are needed by the washer, this error will occur as the ACU can’t function with the inappropriate voltage. Both a voltage surge or drop can cause this issue, so always make sure the voltage at the electrical outlet is in the 110-120 VAC range.

Moreover, a damaged power cord or one that’s inserted in a loose power plug will create line noise, which is a disruption in the transmission of electrical signals to the ACU. The same line noise issue will occur if other major appliances are sharing the washer’s circuit.

In any of the previous cases, the ACU won’t get the electricity it needs to properly function, resulting in the E1 F1 error.

Defective Central Control Unit/Central Control Board

control board

Honestly, many things can go wrong with the ACU. For instance, the memory of the control board can be corrupt. Its wire harness connections can also be damaged or could’ve come out of their place. Furthermore, there might be burnt/damaged elements in the control board.

Whatever the issue is, any slight disturbance in the structure and connections of the ACU will cause the E1 F1 error code and the consequent failure of your washing machine.

False Alarm

As previously mentioned, the ACU controls everything the washer does, and accordingly, it regulates the function of the other components. Therefore, sometimes, a failure in one of these components or its connections to the ACU can be mistranslated as a failure in the ACU itself.

For example, if you have a damaged drain pump or if it’s poorly connected to the ACU, this can occasionally be misinterpreted as an ACU fault, though it’s a bit uncommon. Still, you can spot this problem if your washer regularly stops at the same part of the wash cycle.

In this example, the washer will probably display the E1 F1 error once it reaches the drain cycle because that’s the part where the drain pump comes into action.

The same error can also happen if the interference filter – which is responsible for suppressing the electrical noise that can occur while the washer is running – is damaged or has loose connections. Consequently, don’t rule out the failure of another part with the E1 F1 error code.

How to Fix This Error Code

First off, you have to check that your washer is getting enough voltage. So, start by checking for a damaged power cord or a loose power outlet in the wall. Also, see if your washer is on a dedicated circuit. If it’s the only appliance operating on this circuit, then check the voltage present at the outlet and see if it falls within the correct range for a Whirlpool washer.

Assuming that the proper voltage is present at the outlet, recycle power to the washer, aka unplug and replug the washer after one minute. Then, start a new cycle to see if the error code appears again.

Some experts even recommend that you disconnect power for ten whole minutes in order to reset your washer’s software and memory. This will allow the washer to resume its function after going through a power surge or power outage.

If the error doesn’t disappear, then remove the top panel to gain access to the ACU and other electronics after cutting power to the washer. Then, check that all connections to the interference filter are intact and secure, with no wires detached.

Then, do the same for those of the ACU. Make sure its connector internal pins are visible and that all the green wires of the ground harness system are in good condition.

Also, ensure that all the connectors are fully seated and secured, and afterward, repair or replace any damaged connectors or wires you find. Additionally, ensure that the two ground switches at the toe and rear panels are pressed correctly.

If the error still isn’t resolved, then you have to check the line voltage of the interference filter and ACU. However, this can be dangerous, so call an appliance repair technician if you don’t know how to do this step safely.

Generally, line voltage should be present at the input and output of both the interference filter and ACU for the error to disappear. Therefore, you have to replace these parts if any of them isn’t getting voltage.

Once you’ve repaired and replaced all the damaged parts, reconnect power to your washer and run a diagnostic test to verify washer operation and ensure the error has cleared.



The F1 E1 error code on a Whirlpool Duet washer indicates an appliance control unit fault. This is mostly due to a problem with the washer’s voltage or the actual ACU. Still, you can fix this error on your own without the help of service providers if you follow the user manual correctly.

However, it’s better to call an appliance repair service and hire an appliance tech if you haven’t the faintest idea about fixing the electrical components of a washer. Also, consider subscribing to some appliance extended service plans if your front-load washer gives you a headache by constantly breaking down.

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