Dryer Spinning Slowly? (How To Fix)

Dryers are one of the most commonly used appliances in the home. Some people run them daily, so they’re subject to a lot of wear and tear. Over time, this can lead to problems such as the dryer spinning slowly.

dryer spinning slowly

Your dryer may be spinning slowly due to a build-up of lint in the dryer vent. A build-up can cause the dryer to work harder and spin more slowly. Other issues that could cause your dryer to spin slowly include a clogged filter, a problem with the motor, or a load that’s too large.

Before you start panic-Googling “dryer repair near me,” take a deep breath and relax. In most cases, a slow-spinning dryer is a simple fix that you can do yourself. In this blog post, I’ll show you why your dryer is spinning slowly and how to fix it.

1. Build-Up of Lint in the Dryer Vent

Lint build-up in your clothes dryer is a common problem that can cause the dryer to spin slowly. The lint can clog the air vents, reducing airflow and heat build-up. This is a serious problem because it can also cause the dryer to overheat, potentially damaging the motor or causing a fire.

How To Fix

To fix this issue, you need to clean your dryer. You can do this by removing the lint screen and vacuuming the area around it. You should also ensure that the lint trap is in the proper condition. If you have a gas dryer, you should have the gas line checked for leaks. 

If you need help cleaning your dryer, you can hire a professional. A professional can clean your dryer correctly and prevent any future problems.

2. Your Dryer Has a Faulty Motor

Another common reason your dryer is spinning slowly is a faulty motor. A dryer motor can go bad for several reasons. One of the most common of these is age. 

Over time, the motor can start to wear out and eventually fail. Another common reason for a failed dryer motor is overheating. If that happens, the entire dryer will ultimately begin to break down. 

How To Fix

If you think your dryer’s spinning slowly because of a faulty motor, you can do a few things. First, you can try to reset the motor. If that doesn’t work, you can replace it entirely.

How To Reset Your Dryer’s Motor

Here are some steps you can take to reset the dryer’s motor if it has stopped functioning:

  1. First, unplug the dryer from its power source and remove the drum. 
  2. Next, locate the motor at the back of the dryer and remove the wires. 
  3. Once the wires are removed, you can then use a power drill to spin the motor’s blades. If the motor starts to spin, then you have successfully reset it. 
  4. Reconnect the wires back to the motor and reattach the motor back to the dryer.
  5. Plug the dryer back into its power source and start it to see if the motor works properly.

Note: If the motor does not work after trying the above process, you will need to replace it.

How To Replace Your Dryer’s Motor

Here are some simple instructions to follow to replace your motor:

  1. Start by unplugging the dryer from its power source and then remove the dryer’s drum.
  2. Next, locate the motor at the back of the dryer and remove the wires from the motor. 
  3. After disconnecting the motor, take the new motor and connect it to the wires.
  4. Finally, reattach the motor back to the dryer and plug the dryer back into the power source for testing.

If any of the steps are difficult or do not work for you, you should get an expert to handle the issue.

Here’s a video to help you understand how to replace the motor in your dryer:

3. Your Dryer Has a Clogged Filter

A clogged filter can cause the dryer to spin slowly. The clogged filter prevents air from circulating freely through the dryer. As a result, the dryer has to work harder to turn the drum, which can cause it to spin slowly.  

A clogged filter can also cause the dryer to overheat, damaging the dryer or even causing a fire.

How To Fix

Cleaning your clogged air filter is the best solution for this issue. It is also a simple process that you can do in a few minutes. All you need is a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment

I recommend this Generic Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Kit from Amazon.com, which includes all the attachments you need to clean your filter.

Follow the steps below to clean your air filter and keep your dryer running safely.

  1. Disconnect the dryer from its power source.
  2. Remove the air filter from the dryer.
  3. Use the vacuum cleaner to remove all the lint from the air filter.
  4. Replace the air filter and plug the dryer back in.

It is essential to clean the air filter regularly to prevent this from happening again.

4. Dryer Drum Won’t Turn With Heavy Load

Dryer drums are made of strong, durable material that can withstand a considerable load. However, they are not indestructible; over time, they can develop problems that prevent them from working correctly. One of the most common problems is that the dryer drum won’t turn with a heavy load.

For example, your dryer drum may have difficulty turning because the clothes are too wet. If there’s a problem with your washing machine that caused it not to spin correctly, the laundry may have retained too much water. When clothes are saturated, they’re much heavier. 

Additionally, you may have overloaded the dryer with too many clothes. 

In both cases, the dryer’s load is heavier than it should be. This, in turn, can put a significant drag on the dryer’s motor. That drag can make the drum spin slowly or prevent it from turning entirely. If this happens too often, it could break the dryer belt, so keep the weight of your laundry loads relatively light.

dryer spinning slowly

How To Fix 

First, you should make sure the drum is dry. If the problem lies with the faulty motor, you need to reset it; you can do this by removing it and putting it back. You can also replace the motor with a new one if resetting it doesn’t fix the problem.

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Which Way Does a Dryer Spin?

Dryers work by circulating air through wet clothes to remove moisture. The air is heated as it passes through a heating element, and this helps to speed up the drying process. As the air passes through the clothes, it picks up moisture which it then expels through the dryer’s exhaust vent. 

Most dryers spin clockwise, but some models rotate in the opposite direction. However, the direction of the spin is inversely affected by the motor and doesn’t affect the drying process. 

Therefore, If the motor rotates in an anticlockwise direction, the dryer will turn in a clockwise direction and vice-versa.


If your dryer is spinning slowly, there are a few things you can do to try to fix the issue. First, check the filter to see if it is clogged. If it is, clean it out and see if that solves the problem. If not, there may be a build-up of lint in the dryer’s vent. You can try to remove the built-up lint by cleaning the vent. The most important thing is to know how to assess the situation and try to fix it with the above solutions.