DRN Code on Maytag Washer (How to Fix!)

A “DRN” code on your Maytag washer indicates a drain clog or other drainage problem which may prevent the machine from draining properly. However, if you see a DRN code on your Maytag washer and your washer is full of soapy water, there’s no need to worry. In most cases, you’ll be able to fix the problem without technical expertise. 

A DRN code on your Maytag washer could result from a clogged drain hose, a dirty drain pump filter, kinks in the drain filter, improper installation of the drain hose, or a faulty drain pump. Possible fixes include unclogging the hose, cleaning the drain pump filter, and replacing faulty components. 

This guide will walk you through common problems that a DRN code indicates. I’ll also give you practical, easy-to-follow tips on fixing the Maytag washer drn code. Let’s get started! 

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Draining the Water from the Faulty Washer

Before fixing the drainage problem, you’ll have to drain the water from your washer. You’ll have to drain the water manually if the drain hose is damaged. Follow these steps to drain water from your Maytag washer manually: 

  1. Switch off and unplug the washer from the power source. 
  2. Remove the remaining clothes from the drum. 
  3. Scoop out the water from the washer with a bucket. 
  4. Remove the clamps holding the drain hose upright to drain the remaining water. 
  5. When all the water is out, hook the drain hose back into position. 

Now that you’ve drained the machine, you can start fixing the problem causing the Maytag washer drn code. Here are the possible causes of this problem and their fixes: 

1. The Washer’s Drain Hose Is Clogged

A clogged drain hose is one of the most common causes of drn errors on Maytag washers. The washer’s drain hose can get clogged or blocked by:

  • Dirt
  • Paper
  • Other residues in the clothes
  • Socks
  • Underclothes
  • Other small pieces of clothing

If the clog results from debris buildup, the blockage could be in both the inner and outer drain hose. However, if the backup occurs due to clothing, it will usually affect the inner detain hose. Fortunately, this is the most straightforward problem to deal with if you’re dealing with a drn error.

inspecting washing machine's dirty clogged drain pump filter close up, clean and repair

How to Fix

If your Maytag washer’s drainage hose is blocked, you’ll have to unclog it by removing the cloth or dirt causing the blockage. Follow these steps to clear the drainage hose: 

  1. Remove any visible debris or clothes that may be blocking the opening of the inner drainage hose. 
  2. Remove the front panel to check for blockages in the drain pipe. 
  3. Check the drain pump for any blockages. You may need to twist the pump pulley to get the item out of the drain pump. 
  4. Unclamp the hose from the tub and look for any blockages. Clear out debris that may have been deposited in the pipe or remove bulky items with pliers or tongs. 
  5. Reconnect the drain hose and place the panel back in position. 
  6. Power on the washer and check if the drainage problem persists. 

While this is the easiest fix, you will get your hands dirty, and you will still have to take care not to damage the drain pump when removing a large item like a sock or other cloth objects. 

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2. The Drain Pump Filter Is Dirty

If you have a Maytag washer, it will have a drain pump filter that prevents dirt from entering the drain hose. This filter will trap hair, pieces of cloth, and other dirt that may block the drain pipe. If you haven’t cleaned your drain pump filter in a while, it may get blocked due to debris buildup, preventing water from draining through the drain hose, which may cause a drn error. 

How to Fix

To fix a clogged drain pump filter, you’ll have to remove the filter for cleaning. Here’s how you can unclog the drain pump filter on your Maytag washer: 

  1. Remove the front panel from the washer. You’ll see the drain pump filter located in front of the drain pump. 
  2. Slowly remove the filter’s cap and release any water from the filter. 
  3. Wash the filter with water and remove any remaining debris with a towel or cloth. 
  4. Clean the filter housing thoroughly, then place the filter back in and insert the washer’s front panel. You can check how you can clean the filter housing in this video.

Cleaning the drain filter can be messy, but it helps keep your washer’s drainage working effectively. To avoid having your filter clogged regularly, keep a regular schedule for cleaning it after every 3-6 months. 

3. Improper Installation of the Drain Hose

Sometimes, drainage problems happen when you improperly installed the drain hose or if its position is changed afterward. 

While you should never change the position of your drain hose, sometimes, people unknowingly place the drain hose in a spot that prevents effective draining. If the drain hose is too high, you may get a drn error immediately or after a few washes. 

improper installation of the drain hose

How to Fix

The water won’t drain appropriately if your washer’s drain hose is too high. While the recommended height varies across different models, ensure the hose height isn’t more than 36-96 inches (91-243 cm) from the floor. 

4. Faulty Drain Pump

If you remove dirt from the drain pump filter and you’re sure that there’s no blockage in the drain pump, but the washer still doesn’t work, the problem could be with the drain pump components. Drain pump problems could result from a damaged part caused by pressure or a previous blockage. 

In some cases, a door lock problem in the washer may also cause drn errors since the washer won’t turn or drain unless the door lock is in sync with the washer’s systems. 

How to Fix 

You’ll have to replace the damaged part if the problem lies with the washer’s components. This could be expensive, but it’s cheaper than getting a new washer. 

Check if you have any time left on the warranty for a free replacement. Otherwise, contact the manufacturer and have them replace the damaged part. 

Final Thoughts

If you have a DRN code on your Maytag washer, something is preventing the tub from draining. Possible causes include a clogged or misplaced drain pipe, a dirty drain pump filter, or a broken drain pump. If the drain pipe or pump filter is clogged or dirty, you must clean it. In addition, if the drain pipe is too high or misplaced, you only need to move it back into position. 

However, if the drain pump is broken, you may have to consider a repair or replacement washer.