Does Drylok Paint Work?

Drylok is a paint product that is aimed to be used for stopping water seepage on interior masonry walls.

Basically, Drylok is able to seal basement foundations, as well as masonry walls, preventing any water from getting through, and essentially waterproofing the place.

But does Drylok paint actually work? One thing is the theory of what it supposedly is able to do, and another thing is what it actually manages to achieve in practice. So what’s the deal with Drylok?

Does Drylok paint work

Well, although Drylok paint is a type of paint, and therefore supposedly provides a layer on top of the surface, the manufacturer of Drylok states that the product does in fact permeate the concrete when applied.

Because of course, a layer of paint on the surface can be a useful barrier of protection, but if that protection was to permeate the material itself, then it would be far more effective.

Truth is, Drylok works pretty well. There are, of course, situations and times in which it has not been as effective as expected, but as a general rule, Drylok is reliable and it does its job.

It is pretty much guaranteed to work for up to around 15 feet of water pressure, and on average the waterproofing protection will last up to around 15 years or so. It of course will vary on the use it is given and on the condition it is maintained in.

However, in order to better the chances of Drylok working as expected, it is important to apply it following the instructions stated by the manufacturer, such as applying two layers of it, rather than just one.

How long does Drylok paint last?

Drylok paint is pretty durable, as long as it has been applied correctly, following the instructions stated by the products.

As for the exact time it will last, it depends on many different factors beyond a correct application, such as the maintenance, and the conditions it is in.

But here are some specifics on the amount of time the warranty lasts, which is a pretty good indicator for average durability:

  • Drylok Original Masonry Waterproofer: 10 years
  • Drylok Extreme Masonry Waterproofer: 15 years
  • Drylok Floor and Wall Masonry Waterproofer: 7 years

Of course, these are the average lasting times for the Drylok paint, and as we mentioned, it could last for longer, or even for less time. It essentially depends on the conditions!

Is Drylok concrete floor paint waterproof?

Drylok Paint is a specialized product formulated to be waterproof, so that it seals the interior from water that might come from outside, amongst other things. There are different types of Drylok Paint, suited for different surfaces, walls, or floors.

As for Drylok concrete floor paint, it is indeed waterproof, and it very effectively seals the floor from any water or liquid getting through. It is highly durable, and the waterproofing effect is able to stay strong for up to an average of around 10 years or so.

It of course then depends on the maintenance performed on the Drylok product, the state of the floor, and how much water is trying to get through.

It has a clear and high gloss finish, and it does not require any sealer to become waterproof, as this paint product is self-sealing in of itself, which is what makes it so perfect for waterproofing!

Can you paint Drylok over existing paint?

The whole point of using Drylok paint is that the product not only adds a layer of paint over the surface, but it also permeates the material to make it completely waterproof, sealing it from any moisture or dampness, for full resistance to water in a long-lasting manner.

But what happens if you paint Drylok over existing paint? Will it still work? Will it still be able to waterproof the wall, floor, or whatever it is you are applying it to?

Technically, you can paint Drylok over existing paint. It will be able to adhere without much of an issue, and it will stick. So you can go ahead and do that without stripping the paint beforehand.

However, you really shouldn’t because the Drylok will not be effective in the slightest, and it will essentially do its job, rendering it a useless addition to the wall or floor.

Basically, Drylok needs to be applied directly onto the surface you wish to waterproof, as it needs to permeate the material in order to be effective and work.

If it is applied over a coating of paint, then the paint will act as a barrier between the Drylok and the actual material, meaning the Drylok will stay on top instead of permeating.

So if you paint Drylok over existing paint, the Drylok will not waterproof the surface in the slightest, meaning moisture, dampness, and water will all seep through.

Can I paint over a Drylok masonry Waterproofer?

You cannot use Drylok paint over existing paint, because the Drylok would then be unable to permeate the material, meaning it would not be able to waterproof it. But what about the other way around? Can you paint over a Drylok masonry waterproofer?

The good news is that you can indeed paint over a Drylok masonry waterproofer! Basically, Drylok needs to be applied directly onto the surface, so that it can permeate it properly and make it waterproof. But once that has been done, there is no harm or issue whatsoever if you apply paint on top.

In fact, Drylok waterproofers make for an excellent base to apply under layers of paint. The Drylok will seal the surface and make it waterproof, and you can then add paint on top to add the appearance and color of your choosing!

Just make sure to allow the Drylok to fully dry before applying your coating of paint, and you should be good to go!

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