Do Toto Toilets Come With A Wax Ring?

A wax ring is necessary for a Toto Toilet to function correctly and keep water from spilling all over your bathroom floor. If you are purchasing or installing a Toto toilet, you might be wondering whether toilets from this brand come with a ring or not.

Toto toilets do not ship a wax ring with their product, even though they probably should. The plumber will likely provide a ring when installing your new Toto toilet unless you have already purchased one separately.

This article will inform you about these rings, whether Toto toilets include them, and why they are essential to purchase when installing this brand of toilet.

What Is a Wax Ring?

A toilet wax ring is a soft toilet seal that attaches to the flange which connects your toilet to the drain pipe. A ring will keep your bathroom dry since it forms a secure seal, keeping water inside the toilet system while it flows away from your home when you flush.

These rings are intended for one use only, meaning that you have to replace it whenever you remove your toilet for any reason. 

Do Toto Toilets Need a Wax Ring?

Whether you have a brand new Toto toilet installed or your current one removed for repairs, putting on a new ring is a must.

Imagine dealing with water leaking from the toilet base every time you use it, leading to water damage and foul odors. That is as unpleasant as it sounds and is what makes these rings so important for toilets—including Toto-branded ones.

Yes. Just like other commercial toilets, a Toto toilet requires a wax ring to ensure that water and the waste it carries keep flowing where it is supposed to: the sewers, not your tile floor.

Without this toilet seal, you would have to constantly dry and disinfect your floor.

All toilets utilize the power of gravity to make wastewater flow from the bowl and through the drainpipe when flushed. Despite being a small toilet component that people usually don’t see, a wax ring is critical. Toto toilets just cannot do without them.

The absence of a ring or the presence of a faulty one will cause leaks and possibly accidents from slips. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) reports that hundreds of thousands of people suffer bathroom accidents yearly.

What Is the Correct Size Wax Ring for Toto Toilets?

Installing the wrong size ring on a Toto toilet is not a good idea. 

To begin with, you will most likely not be able to do so since the ring has to be of a specific size, or else it won’t fit and make an airtight seal. If you do manage to get it on there, leaks are likely to occur. So what size ring do you need for a Toto Toilet?

The wax ring size for your Toto toilet should be able to fit drain pipes 3 or 4 inches wide. You can figure out the correct wax ring by measuring the opening located on the bottom of the toilet, which is called the “elbow neck.”

toto toilet

Something else you need to note is the ring thickness. Wax seals  are available in standard thickness or double thickness. Use a standard size thickness if the toilet flange is at floor level. Get an extra-thick wax ring if the toilet flange height is below floor level.

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Can I Use Two Wax Rings?

Since a wax ring effectively keeps water from leaking from the bottom of a Toto toilet, some people get the idea that using two rings would be even better. Can you use two rings for your toilet installation?

No, you should never use two wax rings when installing a Toto toilet. No matter how tightly sealed the rings might appear to be to one another, there will always be a gap between them, rendering both rings ineffective.

You might not notice a leaky toilet at first when you try using two rings. But it will eventually happen, leading to hassles and added repair costs.

Avoiding water on your bathroom floor will also make your bathroom safer, especially for kids and seniors. While some plumbers do use a two-ring stackable seal here and there, it is inadvisable and potentially unsafe. If needed, use a double-thickness ring instead.


Toto toilets do not include wax ring seals, which is unfortunate because you will definitely have to replace the ring when installing any new toilet. However, these rings are generally inexpensive, accessible, and easy for plumbers to install. Just be sure to use the right size.