dl Code on Maytag Washer (Fixed!)

The dl error code on a Maytag Washer can be an ordinary event. While you probably will feel some stress about fixing whatever is wrong with your washing machine, you can pretty quickly remedy this code when you follow the guidelines. 

The Maytag washer dl code happens when an item in the washing machine stops the lid from locking correctly. The lid lock switch error can mean an article in the washer is hitting the lid or the lid lock is defective. Follow these suggestions to fix this error and get back to washing the laundry. 

While you might feel like panicking when you see the dl code on your Maytag washer, stay calm because more often than not, this is a code you can clear yourself. This code is pretty standard and the troubleshooting suggestions will likely get your washer back to normal. This guide will cover what you need to know about the dl code, ways to troubleshoot the problem, and some simple ways to deal with this error code. 

Maytag Washer

What Does the Maytag Washer Dl Code Indicate?

The dl code (door lock) on a Maytag washer tells you there is a lid locking problem. The washer will try to lock the lid six times before sending the dl code. You might be tempted to ignore the digital display’s error code, but the washer won’t operate.

Why Does the dl Code Appear on the Maytag Washer?

The dl code appears on the Maytag washer for several reasons, including a false code or clothes stuck in the gasket. It could also mean you have a clogged drain pump filter, a defective door switch, or a control board failure.

I’ll go into more detail about these below.

Reason #1: False Code

As with any machine that operates with a computer board, there may be times when the washing machine shows a code that needs a simple reset. Unplug the washing machine for one to two minutes and reconnect to the power outlet. 

Turn on the machine and proceed to wash your clothes. This reset often returns your washer to the proper mode so you can get those clean clothes you need. 

Reason #2: Stuck Clothes

Sometimes there are items stuck in the door or wedged into the gasket. Any item of clothing that hinders the door lock mechanism can prompt the error code to appear. You should open the washer door and feel for clothing items stuck in the rubber gasket where the water drains out. At the same time, make sure no clothing is stuck in the door. 

stuck clothes

Reason #3: Clogged Drain Pump Filter

Small clothing items such as socks or children’s underwear can get stuck in the drain pump filter. I recommend disconnecting the washing machine from the power source when this happens. Then, follow these steps to clear a clogged drain pump filter: 

  1. Remove the front cover of the washer to find the drain pump filter, which is frequently clear. To remove the washer front cover, you unscrew two screws on the front bottom and the cover will come right off. 
  1. You can see the drain pump filter at the bottom of the washer. Turn the filter counter-clockwise to remove it. Clean out anything in the filter.
  1. Screw it back onto the base. Reattach the screws for the front washer cover. 

Check the pockets of all clothing before washing to ensure nothing small ends up in the drain pump filter. Items like paper clips and lip balm can clog the filter and cause the dl error to appear on the display.

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Reason #4: Defective Door Switch 

Another common reason the dl code appears on your Maytag washer is due to a defective door switch. Check the door switch with a multimeter. If the meter shows no continuity, you need to replace the switch. You can remove the top washer panel by following these directions to replace the door switch:

  1. Remove the three screws on the back top of the washer. This will release the top washer panel. 
  1. Detach the door switch from its spot by removing the three screws. Push the door switch carefully from its location.
  1. Pop in a new door switch. Reattach the door switch screws. Finish by replacing the top washer panel and securing the screws.

Here is a YouTube video to help you understand the defective door switch replacement. If you are uncomfortable doing this yourself, call a professional to help you determine the cause of the dl error code. 

Reason #5: Control Board Failure

Occasionally, the control board can fail, causing your Maytag washer to display the dl code. There are two common reasons the control board fails. First, the washing machine experienced a power surge. Here is what happens during a power surge:

  • A power surge occurs when the power stops and starts again. 
  • This causes high electrical pressure on the control board. 
  • Wires connected to the control board heat up and burn. 
  • Wires can also melt.
  • The control board no longer works due to the damaged wires. 

If a control board failure happens, you need to have professional repair to restore the correct working of your washer. A control board replacement usually fixes the dl code and you can use your Maytag washer again like normal. 

the upper part of the washing machine with a towel and a container with detergent

A Maytag washing machine has long been synonymous with reliability. Their design monitors the machine’s function and sends an error code to let you know what is wrong. Fortunately, many of the codes you can resolve yourself with some simple troubleshooting. 


I hope you feel confident that when the dl code appears on your Maytag washing machine, there are some straightforward steps you can take to clear the code. When you try each solution, in turn, one is likely to work for you and you can take note of what works to solve future error code issues. As with any machine, performing essential maintenance on the washer will help it work best.