How to Disinfect Something That Fell in the Toilet

At some point, we have all had the misfortune of accidentally dropping an object into the toilet bowl. Whatever the reason this happened to us, the first action we consider is to flush the toilet and get on with our day. Any thought is better than putting our hands in the toilet water to retrieve the submerged object.

Disinfect something that fell in the toilet

Retrieving and disinfecting objects from the toilet…

Inevitably, we think about the number of bacteria that could be living in there. However, we must try to remain calm and not despair. If you dare to get through the hardest part of that situation, you will need to take some precautions to do so. To disinfect something that fell into the toilet, you need a few supplies and some grit.

Read on for the steps on how to disinfect something that fell in the toilet, and you will see the items are not lost forever.

Rubber Gloves

Put on rubber gloves so you can dip your hand into the toilet water, which is most likely full of germs. This will help make this task a little more bearable. Unfortunately, if the accident occurred in a public restroom or a friend’s house, you may want to consider giving up your item as lost.


Even if your hands are protected, try to be quick when recovering the object that fell into the toilet. Remember that a series of germs and bacteria live inside the toilet that could seriously affect your health. If the exposure time with the toilet water is minimal, it will be much better for your chances of staying healthy.

The worst is over, and now…

How Can I Disinfect the Object That Fell In the Toilet?

Immediately after you retrieve the item, drain the excess water on the edge of the toilet bowl. If the recovered object is not a cell phone or electronic device, and you want to know how to disinfect something that fell into the toilet, follow these simple steps:


If you were lucky and careful to use rubber gloves, take them off and throw them in the trash can.


Set the item aside and wash your hands with plenty of water and antibacterial soap.


Take the object and rinse it with water from the sink.


Turn on the hot water tap. Grab some soap and lather the object across the surface. Place the object under the stream of hot water, make sure the water touches the object completely.


Wash your hands again with antibacterial soap and warm water from the tap. If the object that fell into the toilet was a cell phone or electronic device, you should try another method to disinfect it.

Sanitizing Products

For more thorough disinfection, purchase a spray disinfectant to kill any bacteria left on the item. You can also take disinfectant wipes and rub them all over the surface. Isopropyl alcohol is also a great tool for disinfecting objects after they have been exposed to a large number of bacteria or germs. The advantage of these products is that you can find them very easily in supermarkets and self-service stores.

Allow the item to dry completely after disinfecting it with any of these products before handling it again.

These accidents happen more commonly than we think. The chances of us dropping an object in the toilet are quite high. While any object can end up in there, the most common objects that fall into the toilet bowl are the objects used regularly in the bathroom, for example, a menstrual cup or toothbrush.

How Do You Clean a Toothbrush That Fell Into the Toilet?

The toothbrush is a personal hygiene item, which we use daily. Just thinking about it going into the toilet can be uncomfortable and unpleasant.

The best and most recommended option is to throw the toothbrush in the trash and not use it again. Even when you try to disinfect your toothbrush with products like baking soda or white vinegar, various germs and bacteria will stick to the surface. That is why we always recommend throwing it away if it falls into the toilet.

Can You Get Sick from Toilet Water?

When we flush the toilet with the lid open, bacteria can contaminate other areas of the bathroom. According to one study, bacteria can jump up to five feet around the toilet. These bacteria can stick to doors, the mirror, the ceiling, or even our toothbrushes. That is why we must lower the toilet lid before flushing. Failure to do so may affect our health.

What Kinds of Bacteria Are In the Toilet Water?

Bacteria found in toilet water can include Escherichia coli, Norovirus, Salmonella, or Campylobacter. These bacteria can cause stomach infections. These bacteria are not only found in toilet water; it is also common to find them in different places in the bathroom, such as:

Waterproof Epoxy


When entering and leaving the bathroom, we touch and pull the doorknob. We know that not everyone washes their hands, so bacteria can be found on them, even more than on the toilet seat, and especially in public bathrooms.

Chain or Flush Button

Like the doorknob, the chain is an item that everyone touches when going to the bathroom. You also have to remember to lower the toilet seat before flushing. This way, we can prevent bacteria from spreading on hard surfaces in the bathroom.

Hand Dryer

The air from hand dryers facilitates the spread of bacteria, causing contamination of the bathroom.

Soap Dispenser

If not cleaned often, this item is also a great nest for germs. But finding a bathroom with a dispenser is better than one with bar soap, as bacteria tend to remain on the surface of the soap.

Be Very Careful With Your Health

Although we are careful, there is always some possibility that an object of ours will fall into the toilet. It is unavoidable! However, we can take hygiene measures in our own home, so if something falls down the toilet, it doesn’t become a bigger problem.

Keeping the toilet clean and sanitized with substances such as hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, or baking soda can make the experience of having to dip your hand in the toilet water less of a concern.

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