Dawn Dish Soap In Pool

If you’re the proud owner of your very own swimming pool, then we’re sure you would probably agree with us when we say that maintenance can be both time-consuming and costly! So, what if there was a way to make the upkeep of your pool more affordable?

Seeing as you’re already here, we’re assuming that you’re currently interested in learning about whether or not you can use generic dish soaps such as Dawn to clean your pool, rather than having to buy expensive pool cleaning products.

To help you decide whether or not using Dawn (or another kind of dish soap) is a cleaning route that you should take, then this is the guide for you!

Below, we’re going to be talking you through why cleaning your pool is important, as well as whether or not using Dawn is a good idea or not. Let’s jump in.

Dawn Dish Soap In Pool

Why Should You Clean Your Pool?

Even though pools can often have a variety of benefits, including hours of fun, a reason to meet up with family, and even a way to keep fit – if you don’t make sure that you are carrying out regular cleaning and maintenance, you’re quite quickly going to find that your pool is unpleasant to swim in.

Regardless of whether you have an indoor or outdoor pool, it’s very important to keep in mind that you should be regularly cleaning your pool, alongside filtering.

If you don’t make sure that you are taking the time to clean and take care of your pool, then you may find that the following situations begin to occur:

  • You and others swimming may begin to stop enjoying the pool and find it uncomfortable to swim in.
  • Due to lack of maintenance, you may find that your pool requires more costly repairs over time.
  • The pool water may begin to become unsanitary, and in turn, become unsafe to swim in.
  • If you have a built-in indoor or outdoor pool, if it is not well-kept and taken care of, the overall value of your home may reduce significantly.

In addition to all of the above, if you aren’t making sure that your pool is regularly maintained, you may begin to notice that your drains begin to become clogged, which is easily one of the biggest problems of pool owners.

If the connected pool drains become clogged, it will strongly increase the chances of your pool’s motor becoming burned out, and this will come with a pretty hefty repair cost!

Alongside a broken motor, you might also begin to notice that with a lack of cleaning comes a growth of algae, and daily cleaning will help to keep your pool in tip-top shape.

What Is Dawn Soap?

If you were to take a glance into the cleaning cupboards of homeowners across the country, we’re sure that you’d find a bottle of dawn dish detergent taking the prize place.

For so many, Dawn dish soap detergent is the ultimate go-to for cutting through leftover grease and stubborn stains on the dirtiest of dishes, but what is it that makes it so much more effective than other detergents?

Well, even though the complete ingredient is unavailable, it is common knowledge that Dawn soap contains a variety of extremely effective surfactants that are able to clean away a variety of different types of dirt, which is why it’s most commonly used as a dish cleaner.

Not only that, but unlike other types of detergents, Dawn soap contains a very small amount of petroleum, which is one of the main reasons why Dawn soap detergent is so much more powerful than other kinds out there on the market.

Plus, besides being designed to clean dishes, it is also worth noting that despite its powerful, secret recipe – Dawn soap is specifically designed to be gentle enough to not harm hands while in use, and can even be used to clean different types of wildlife. use

Can Dawn Dish Soap Be Used To Clean A Pool?

Technically speaking, you could use some Dawn dish detergent inside your pool, however, we do want to point out that it is not generally recommended by any pool manufacturer or cleaning professional – which is something that you should consider prior to going ahead with using it.

Needless to say, there are plenty of people who claim that Dawn dish detergent is extremely useful for keeping their pool in pristine condition, especially if you’d like to get rid of any excess grease caused by sunscreen or sweat that your filter may not be able to effectively get rid of.

If you would like to use it yourself, then most people opt to pour a quarter cup of Dawn dish detergent into their pool, allowing the surfactants to attract all of the excess grease and dirt to the surface of the water, where you will then be able to clean it away with a net.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it! After reading through this guide we’re hoping that you are now in a position to make a more well-informed decision on whether or not using Dawn dish detergent in your pool is the right call for you.

All in all, if you are wanting to go ahead and use Dawn dish detergent in your pool, then we recommend that you use it sparingly and make sure that it is being used in conjunction with all of your other pool cleaning products.

In addition to that, if you are going to be using your Dawn dish detergent to get rid of grime and dirt lurking in your pool (such as leftover sunscreen and other kinds of grease) that you give your pool’s filters a few hours to filter through the pool and remove the remaining detergent after you have used your net to clean up the bulk of the grime that the Dawn surfactants pulled to the top of the pool’s surface.

Nevertheless, if you are in doubt – just stick with the same old pool cleaning products that you’re used to, and you won’t go far wrong. Thanks for reading!

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