How To Clean a Macerator (Saniflo) Toilet

Macerator toilets, while popular and convenient, can be challenging to clean properly. If not cleaned correctly, they can start to smell bad and become clogged. The worst part is that you risk damaging the macerator if you plunge it like other toilets when it blocks.

You can clean a macerator toilet with vinegar or Saniflo descaler after disconnecting it from the power source. However, you must be careful with the cleaning products you use since the seal around the macerator valve corrodes easily when exposed to harsh and corrosive products.

In the rest of this article, I’ll discuss how to clean a Saniflo toilet with vinegar. I’ll also cover how to clean a macerator pump for a thoroughly cleaned toilet. Let’s get started!

Cleaning Saniflo With Vinegar

Vinegar is an effective cleaning agent since it has a strong acid that dissolves grease, deposits, dirt, and grime.

Using vinegar to clean your macerator toilet is the easiest way as this product is readily available. However, you must use the correct procedure to avoid damaging or clogging the toilet.

Here is the procedure to clean Saniflo with vinegar:

  1. Disconnect the unit from the power source.
  2. Pour half the bottle of white vinegar into the macerator bowl.
  3. Leave the vinegar to work on the toilet for 2 hours.
  4. Reconnect the Saniflo to the power source.
  5. Rinse by flushing it twice.

You can add phosphoric acid once a month if you live in an area with hard water.

Can You Use Bleach in a Macerator?

You can’t use bleach in a macerator, as this is a sure way to break it down prematurely. Bleach is corrosive to most surfaces and will corrode the valve seal in the macerator. When this happens, the toilet loses its ability to sense when to open and close.

How Bleach Corrodes the Valve Seal

The macerator valve seal is made from a nitrile soft rubber impeller that is sensitive to corrosive chemicals. The seal will start to break down and swell when exposed to bleach. As the seal swells, it loses its ability to form a tight seal around the macerator pump. This causes leaks in the system that can damage the unit beyond repair.

Although bleach is a powerful descaling agent, you better steer clear of it when it comes to your macerator toilet. You don’t want to try flushing the toilet only to have it back up and flood your bathroom with sewage.

The best way to clean a macerator toilet is by using vinegar or a descaling agent specifically designed for these toilets. This will prevent damage to the unit and keep it running smoothly for years to come.

What Can You Put Down a Saniflo Toilet?

Toilet paper and human waste are the only things you can put down a Saniflo toilet. Like any other toilet, your macerator toilet system will clog if you flush the wrong items through it. Unblocking a clogged Saniflo system is a tedious task you should prevent as much as possible.

Some of the things you should never put down a Saniflo toilet include:

  • Sanitary towels
  • Food
  • Debris
  • Toys
  • Baby wipes
  • Tampons

The Best Way To Unclog a Macerator Toilet

Unclogging a clogged macerator toilet is slightly different from how we unclog standard toilets. With standard toilets, unclogging involves plunging the toilet to push the blockage through. However, this will damage your macerator system and void the warranty.

The best way to unclog a macerator toilet is by disconnecting the system and cleaning it manually. This way, you can remove the blockage without damaging the macerator pump.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to unclog your macerator toilet:

  1. Turn off the water supply to the toilet.
  2. Flush the toilet to empty the bowl.
  3. Disconnect the power supply to the macerator toilet.
  4. Remove the macerator unit from the toilet.
  5. Take out the motor assembly and check for blockages.
  6. If you find a blockage, remove it with a plunger.
  7. Put everything back together and turn on the power supply.
  8. Turn on the water supply and flush the toilet to test it.

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How To Clean Macerator Pump

The macerator pump is one of the vital parts of the toilet as it is responsible for grinding and pumping waste. Therefore, it is crucial to keep it clean to prevent clogs and blockages.

To clean a macerator pump, you should remove the motor from the toilet, clean and rinse the impeller, and reassemble the motor assembly. Then, clean the toilet using a macerator descaler.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to clean your macerator pump:

  1. Remove the motor assembly from the toilet.
  2. Take out the impeller from the motor housing.
  3. Clean the impeller with a soft brush and soapy water.
  4. Rinse the impeller with clean water and dry it before putting it back.
  5. Reassemble the motor assembly and put it back in the toilet.
  6. Disconnect the system from the power supply.
  7. Pour 2 liters of macerator descaler into the bowl.
  8. Turn the pump on for three seconds for the descaler to enter the macerator.
  9. Allow the descaler to work for 2 hours.
  10. Connect the power supply
  11. Flush once to rinse.

Can You Use Drain Cleaner With Saniflo?

You can’t use drain cleaner with Saniflo because these products are made from harsh chemicals that can damage valve seals. Mechanical drain cleaning, like a plumber’s snake, is also unsuitable for Saniflo as it can damage the pump.

The best way to unclog your Saniflo is by manually disassembling it and removing the blockage. This may seem like a lot of work, but it is the only way to prevent damage to your system.

How Often Should You Clean a Macerator Toilet?

A macerator breaks solid waste into smaller pieces so it can easily flush through the system. However, this process also creates a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive.

Therefore, you should clean your macerator toilet at least once a month to prevent the build-up of bacteria and bad smells.

You can use a descaling agent or vinegar to clean the bowl and pump. Just make sure to disconnect the power supply before cleaning.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning a Saniflo Macerator is easier than other toilets. All you have to do is get the right chemicals, pour them into the toilet and let it do the rest of the work. Your focus should be on using the right chemicals to prevent corrosion.