How to Clean a Toto Toilet

These days, it is common to talk about and be impressed by the latest televisions, cell phones, and even smart cars. But today, we can also talk about smart toilets. Toto is a leading Japanese sanitary brand characterized by its advanced cleaning technology.

This new concept of smart bathrooms has allowed consumers to make their bathrooms a more functional and efficient place. Toto manufactures a wide variety of high-efficiency toilets, which means they have an automated cleaning system. As a result, they require a small amount of water to operate, saving water and money.

So, how to clean a Toto toilet, you ask? Although this technology makes cleaning your toilet an easier task, cleaning a Toto toilet should be a regular task included in general household maintenance.

Read on to learn how to clean a Toto toilet.

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How to Clean a Toto Toilet

To clean a Toto toilet, it is important to use soft materials. This will allow you to keep it in optimal condition and prolong the life of the internal mechanism of the toilet. If you don’t use the correct materials, you can damage the toilet.


Cleaning the Surface of a Toto Toilet

Before you begin, put on your protective glasses and gloves. Next, open a window to keep your bathroom ventilated. Then, with a soft cloth or sponge dampened with water or Lysol, gently wipe the porcelain of the toilet bowl.

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, you should avoid using soaps or solvents on the surface of the toilet. By using a soft sponge or cloth, you help maintain the porcelain’s shine.

Cleaning the Interior of a Toto Toilet

Scrub the inside of the toilet with a cotton swab or toilet brush. Next, spray the inside of the toilet with Lysol or a cleaner that does not contain bleach. Wait approximately ten minutes for the cleaner to work. Subsequently, rub again with the brush. If the toilet has accumulated stains with regular use, rub gently with the help of a pumice stone.

Cleaning a Toto Toilet Tank

One part of the tank that requires particular cleaning is the flush valve seal gasket. When the gasket gets dirty, it doesn’t allow the flap to close completely. You can clean it with the help of a sponge or a non-abrasive fiber.

Don’t use chemical cleaners inside the toilet tank. Using any type of bleach can damage plastic accessories and could lead to water leaks over time. Instead, clean the fill valves with water only.

Some Toto toilet models do not have a tank. These types of products have other special characteristics than common toilets. To clean these types of toilets, it is necessary to disassemble them. The surface, the seat, and the toilet lid are cleaned with a cloth or sponge moistened with water.

You can help yourself get in those hard-to-reach places with a toothbrush that you no longer use to clean the deodorizing filter. The inside of the toilet can be cleaned with a little detergent and a bathroom brush.

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Other Ways to Clean a Toto Toilet

Other home remedies are needed to clean a Toto toilet; using natural ingredients helps to keep it in good condition and guarantee its proper functioning.


In a clean container, pour 1 cup of baking soda into the Toto toilet.


Fill a spray bottle with distilled white vinegar. Spray it inside the toilet. Be careful with the toilet walls.


Let the vinegar sit for an hour. This allows debris on the walls of the toilet to dissolve and go to the bottom of the toilet.


Re-scrub the Toto toilet with the brush. Wash with plenty of water. The mixture of white vinegar and baking soda will help you keep your bathroom clean, free of bacteria and bad odors.

The cleaning technology that a Toto toilet has is the cutting edge of the industry and is the best calling card that the brand has. It represents a totally new bathroom concept. Having a Toto toilet represents multiple advantages in a home bathroom.

The Best of the Best

Toto toilets feature the technology, design, and innovation found in smart products today. However, despite comprehensive functions, high quality, and advanced technology, the product that completely replaces this most essential of human tasks has not arrived.

Knowing how to clean a Toto toilet is still just as important as knowing how to clean an ordinary toilet. A high-tech bathroom may require less frequent cleaning. Still, to keep its design and functionality in optimal condition, it is essential to know the correct materials and different methods to do a precise and effective cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still have questions on how to clean a Toto toilet and keep it looking its best? Read on for more information.

What’s the best cleaner for Toto toilets?

The best cleaner for your Toto toilet is a natural pH cleaner sprayed directly onto a cloth rather than onto the toilet. You want to avoid any bleach products when it is time to clean any of the plastic components. You can also use a mild dish detergent.

How do you get stains out of a Toto toilet?

To get the stains out of a Toto toilet, you can use some Borax and vinegar in the toilet bowl. Pour a quarter cup of Borax into the toilet bowl with one cup of vinegar and allow the solution to sit for twenty minutes. You can then use a soft brush to scrub and remove the stains. Flush the toilet when you are done to rinse it out.

How do you deep clean a Toto Washlet?

Deep cleaning a Toto Washlet is pretty easy and straightforward. While a regular cleaning involves the use of a damp cloth, for a deep clean, you want to use a diluted kitchen cleanser that is pH neutral.

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