What Is the Difference between Chair Height and Comfort Height Toilets

At some point, every homeowner finds the need to replace the toilets in their home. However, buying a new toilet goes beyond picking the first option that catches your eye. There are a few things to factor in, such as the toilet height and seat height.

Although your local plumber can be instrumental in determining what your bathroom needs, we’ll give you a few things you should know beforehand. For instance, buying a new toilet involves deciding between a standard height toilet and a comfort height toilet.

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While it may seem like a slight height difference is negligible, there’s a reason a raised toilet seat is commonly referred to as comfort height. The difference between standard height and comfort height is about 2 inches.

With that being said, we’ll compare the difference in chair height and comfort height to give you insight into the better option for your home.

While comfort height and chair height are two varying terms, they refer to a toilet of the same height. Comfort height is a brand-related term for chair height, whereas chair height is the common term for toilets with a minimum height of 17 inches.

Read on to learn more details about chair height and comfort height toilets!

How High Is a Chair Height Toilet?

how high is a chair height toilet

It’s used by Kohler CO, an American company renowned for its top-notch products. Also referred to as a comfort height toilet, a chair toilet is at times known as an ADA toilet, an acronym for the Americans with Disabilities Act. The reason is that from the top of the seat to the floor, the chair height measures anywhere between 17 inches and 19 inches.

Furthermore, you can measure this height by adding the toilet seat height and the bowl height. Although the features, design, and style may vary, the comfort height and chair height measurements are usually the same.

It’s worth noting that the height of a standard toilet is approximately 15 inches from the seat to the floor. Therefore, the right height for your home is based on the height of the members of your household, the way that family members transfer to and from the toilet, and whether anyone has physical needs.

How Much Taller Is a Comfort Height Toilet?

how much taller is a comfort height toilet

If you’re curious as to ‘what is the difference between chair height and comfort height toilets,’ then we’ll start by saying that a comfort height toilet or convenient height toilet differs from a standard height toilet in measurements. As you’ve learned, a right height toilet comes in a height exceeding 17 inches.

Without the toilet seat, comfort height measures anywhere between 16 and 18 inches, whereas when the seat height is included, the measurement ranges from 17 to 19 inches. Keep in mind that standard height measures anywhere between 14 and 15 inches without the seat and 15 to 16 inches when the toilet seat is included.

What Is the Best Chair Height Toilet?

Whether the toilet can be identified as chair height or standard height, the best toilet height ultimately boils down to your preference and the members of your household. It should allow a user to easily stand up and sit down. With that being said, let’s discuss a few factors to consider that will help you narrow down your search.


A comfort height toilet is more prevalent than a standard toilet, given that it serves the greater population. Nonetheless, both options allow for easier standing and sitting, irrespective of whether you’re tall, aged, or physically challenged.

However, this doesn’t imply that a standard toilet isn’t a popular option. It’s best suited for kids as it doesn’t have a raised toilet seat that would require a step chair or ladder to use, as is the case with a taller toilet.


The ADA compliance act under the exception clause 604.4 outlines that the ideal height for physically challenged people or the elderly requires 2 to 3 inches taller (ADA height) with an elongated toilet (handicap toilet) than the standard toilet with a height of 16 inches. It’s the measure from the toilet seat to the floor.

Therefore, this implies that a comfort height toilet is perfect for universal or commercial use, given that it caters to a larger demographic. A standard height toilet is perfect for home use, whereby if you need to increase the toilet seat height, you can invest in a toilet riser, paddle, or arm.

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Constipation Issues Arising from the Sitting Position

A standard toilet that may have an elongated bowl is believed to enhance bowel movements, keeping hemorrhoids and constipation at bay. The reason is that a user’s hips will be properly positioned below the knees.

Given that an ADA-compliant toilet is taller, it offers a 90-degree seating angle. It’s a position that is particularly great for the back and knees, tall people with mobility issues, and the aged. Nevertheless, some health experts claim that the chair-like posture restricts bowel movement.

What Is the Difference Between Chair Height and ADA Toilets?

The main differentiating aspect of a chair toilet from an ADA-compliant toilet is the height. While coloring and design are available in variety for both, from an oval bowl, dual flush, round bowl, and color, white is the most popular shade.

Additionally, the two wash sets come in varying designs, from a two-piece to a one-piece toilet. The two-piece is more conventional and affordable, whereas the one-piece counterpart is more eye-catching and a breeze to clean.

The inner mechanisms also differ in chair height and ADA toilets. They can have a pressure-assisted flush valve or be a traditional gravity flush. Both options offer bidet functionality. Nevertheless, bear in mind that a one-piece can be a relatively pricey investment, adding more financial strain, especially for a regular toilet since it’s occasionally costlier than a chair-height toilet.

Who Makes the Tallest Comfort Height Toilet?

The best brands for the tallest comfort height toilets are American Standard, TOTO, Drake, and Kohler. They can set you back anywhere between $100 and $300, depending on your preferred brand.

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