Where to Find the Candy Dryer Reset Button by Model

Candy is a dryer brand that offers a sweet variety of clothes dryer appliances. Among its several models are the Grand Vita, Smart Touch and Smart Pro tumble dryers, and the Alise Washer-Dryer—a two-in-one washer and dryer for cozy spaces.

But every appliance encounters problems from time to time. One common complaint for any dryer—including the Candy brand—is that of over- and underheating, for which a reset might do some good. But where exactly is the reset button?

Like most other tumble dryers, Candy dryers have a reset button on the thermostat. You can get to the thermostat by opening the rear access panel.

This post will describe where you can find the reset button of different models of Candy clothes dryers and what to do if a reset doesn’t work. Always be sure to unplug the power cord before starting.

Candy Grand O’Vita Tumble Dryer Reset Button Location

The Candy brand has multiple models of tumble dryers to choose from, with the Candy Grand O’Vita model being a popular one.

As in other Candy dryers, you’ll find the reset button on the thermostat of the Grand O’Vita model. 

The thermostat is situated atop the heater assembly box. This is a silver box you’ll find in the middle of the back side of the dryer, underneath an access panel. It will have a thick collection of wires protruding to it from the left side.

Candy Alise Washer-Dryer Reset Button

candy alise washer-dryer reset button

Washer-dryers can both bring you convenience and save you precious space, which can be especially vital if you live in a small house or apartment.

In the washer-dryer model, you may actually find two reset buttons. They’ll be located on the two side-by-side thermostats on top of the heating assembly box. Press both buttons to reset the appliance’s heating settings.

In order to access these two thermostats, you’ll need to pull the top off of the dryer. It should be right underneath toward the right side.

Candy Smart Touch/Pro Tumble Dryer Reset Button

Who doesn’t love a good smart appliance? Candy’s smart dryers come with a myriad of features you may love—such as wi-fi capabilities and a mobile app for conveniently starting, stopping, and setting programs in your dryer from anywhere.

But no appliance is infallible, and smart devices can feel doubly frustrating to fix if you’re dealing with digital technology on top of mechanical components.

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If there’s a reset button in the Smart Touch or Smart Pro tumble dryers, it should be on the thermostat like you’d find in most other dryer models.

You can also perform a self-diagnosis of this dryer from the dryer control panel without using the mobile app. This diagnostics process may be able to tell you what’s wrong with your dryer without having to pull it apart.

How to Perform a Self-Diagnosis in Smart Candy Touch Tumble Dryer

To run a self-diagnosis in your Candy tumble dryer:

  • Set the right-side dial to the OFF position to begin the process.
  • From the OFF position, turn the knob twice clockwise.
  • Hold down the OPTIONS button until the lights on the rest of the black display blink on.
  • Press START/PAUSE within 5 seconds of the lights coming on.

These steps should send your dryer into a diagnostics phase. Once it’s done, it will either give you the number 888 to indicate that it’s ready to use or flash an error code to tell you what’s wrong. If you get an error code, be sure to look it up.

What If Pressing the Reset Button Doesn’t Work?

You took the dryer apart, pressed the reset button, put it back together, and ran a dryer cycle—but your clothes are still super wet or super hot. Why?

Unfortunately, a thermostat reset will only work if the source of your heating problem is the thermostat itself. But there may be other causes contributing to your dryer under- or overheating that have nothing to do with the thermostat.

If pressing the reset button didn’t work, consider performing the following instead:

Replace the Heating Element

When you throw your clothes into the dryer, you expect them to come out dry and warm. But what heats up the dryer drum itself?

The answer to that question is the heating element. The heating element uses metal coils that touch the dryer drum just enough to heat it up but not to overheat it.

However, these coils can become ineffective by breaking or misshaping, pulling them too close to or far away from the drum.

While you’re pressing the reset button, you can also test whether the coils or other connections within the heating element have broken by using a multimeter. Insufficient continuity means you’ll have to replace the part.

All you need to perform is a visual inspection to tell whether the part has deformed. There shouldn’t be any bulging or warping on any part of the box. If there is, you’ll need to replace it.

Clean the Vents


This is probably the easiest, cheapest fix because all it requires is a flashlight and your hands. 

If you have a vented dryer, then your dryer relies on airflow to remove moisture and heat from the dryer drum. If moisture can’t escape the drum, it’ll keep your clothes wet; and if heat can’t escape, your dryer may overheat.

If you’ve tried resetting the dryer and running a regular cycle but it hasn’t worked, take a look at those vents and ducts. You may just need to pull out some clumps of lint!

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Candy dryers should come with a resettable thermostat. Resetting this thermostat is as simple as finding the heating assembly box, on top of which you’ll find the thermostats.

In a dryer, you’ll need to pull off the back panel; in the Alise washer-dryer, you’ll just need to pull off the top to reach this box.

You may find that a reset doesn’t do it for you, in which case you can try cleaning the vents and replacing the heating element. You can also check other components, such as the moisture sensor and gas valve.

However, if you’re still having heating troubles, consider calling a professional to look at the appliance for you.