Can You Paint Vinyl Siding On Your House?

Vinyl siding is a type of plastic exterior that some houses and small apartment buildings feature. This vinyl siding is great for weatherproofing, and it is also majorly used for decoration. It almost always imitates wood clapboards, and it can be a cost-efficient and practical siding to both protect and add visual appeal to a building.

But what if you want to redecorate the vinyl siding on your house? Can you paint it?

The good news is that you can indeed paint vinyl siding! However, if you are planning on doing so, it’s worth double-checking the warranty to see if that is allowed. You should also check the manufacturer’s stipulations, to make sure you’re complying with what they state, and what they do or do not allow!

Vinyl sidings in themselves come available in different colors, but the color fades over time, and regardless of that, you might simply just want a change in appearance. Just remember that one of the main benefits of vinyl siding is that it does not require painting and that it is incredibly maintenance-free. Once you paint the vinyl siding, you will have to worry about maintaining the paint, which is something to take into account before you make the jump!

Also, when picking the color, it isn’t as simple as going for any color you want. There are some limitations when it comes to vinyl siding. This is because different types of vinyl sidings have been designed to absorb different amounts of heat, and that goes hand in hand with their original color. So if you repaint them in a darker color, which will attract and absorb more heat than it is used to, the vinyl siding might suffer damage from it and might begin to warp or buckle.

So basically, you should either go for a similar color in regards to lightness, or you should choose from a range of vinyl safe paints and colors according to the type of vinyl siding you have.

How do you prep vinyl siding for painting?

One of the most important steps of any paint job, regardless of the material, surface, and paint, is the preparation. You need to prepare whatever it is you are going to paint, to ensure that it is ready for the coating of paint and that it is suitable and apt.

Vinyl siding is no different, and it is vital that you do the right prep work before painting, to ensure that the paint actually adhered to it in a suitable manner.

But how do you prep vinyl siding for painting? Well, here are some important steps that you should take:

  1. Start by thoroughly cleaning the entirety of the vinyl siding. For this, you can hand-scrub with a soft-bristled brush, and then rinse with water. Avoid pressure washing, as that would cause water to leak behind the siding, and you need the siding to be completely dry before painting!
  2. Let everything dry fully. This shouldn’t take too long. As vinyl siding is made from plastic, it won’t absorb any moisture or dampness, which is great when it comes to painting.
  3. If there are any areas of the siding that you don’t want to be painted, mask them off with painter’s tape. This will include any windows and doors.
  4. Use a primer! This isn’t a necessity with vinyl siding, so it depends on the state it is in, and of your preference. But as a general rule, using a layer of primer before painting is always an advantage to ensure a better end result.

Do I need to prime vinyl siding before painting?

When it comes to vinyl siding, it is not a necessity to use a primer beforehand. As a general rule, the new paint should adhere to the old paint perfectly fine.

However, if the old paint has faded quite a bit, the surface might not be as smooth, and might even be a little porous. If this is the case, then you will need to use a coating of primer in order to ensure that the new paint adheres to the vinyl siding properly, in a durable and long-lasting manner.

Regardless of whether you need to use the primer or not, it is always recommended that you do. There are no disadvantages to using primer, but it always has benefits to do so, as it guarantees that the new paint adheres on properly, and it can often provide smoother and more professional end results.

Can all types of siding be painted?

The answer to this is yes. All types of siding can be painted, and you shouldn’t really struggle with any of them, as the process is fairly simple and easy for all.

However, it is best to use the right type of paint, sometimes even using a specifically formulated type of paint for a specific type of siding.

So, for example, if you are planning on painting vinyl siding, it is highly recommended that you use paint that has been designed for vinyl siding, as it will be formulated to better adhere to the plastic surface, and it will also come in a range of colors that is safe for the vinyl itself.

What kind of paint should I use on vinyl siding?

When it comes to painting your vinyl siding, the best paint to use is Acrylic paint. You can pair this with a good base layer of primer beforehand, for better grip and durability. Acrylic paint will work great on the vinyl and should be very easy to apply.

However, you can also use paint that has been specifically formulated for vinyl siding. This way, it will come in a range of colors that are safe to use. Vinyl siding has certain limits to the amount of heat it can absorb before it begins to warp and buckle, so using the right paint colors is vital.

Can you brush paint vinyl siding?

Spray painting vinyl siding is often considered the best option, as it is faster and easier. However, it is completely okay for you to brush paint vinyl siding, it will just be slightly slower and take more effort.

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