Can You Paint Over Cabot Deck Correct?

Cabot DeckCorrect is designed to cover and correct worn and weathered exterior wood and concrete surfaces.

This coating will fill cracks up to ¼” wide and lock down splinters, resulting in a more grippable, dirt-resistant, and durable surface.

Can you paint over Cabotdeck correct

It’s usually recommended for use on properly prepared, weathered wood and concrete surfaces such as decks, porches, and steps, and will provide protection and traction to your outdoor surfaces.

Cabot considers their deck correct to be a stain, but it’s not the usual ‘stain’ consistency.

Deck Correct is thicker than your average stain as it contains Polycarbonate Everbeads which fill in cracks and conceal splinters for a smooth surface that is more bare-foot friendly.

So it’s kind of like a stain, paint, and first aid treatment for your deck, all in one.

How to use Cabot DeckCorrect

  • You should clean your surface before applying the stain, ensuring it’s free of all dirt, mildew stains, loose wood fibers, and other foreign matter. Be sure to remove any loose splinters and replace wood that is severely damaged or rotting.
  • If your deck has been previously stained or weathered, you can use a product such as Cabot Problem-Solver® Wood Cleaner, Wood Brightener, or Wood Strippers, but if the decking is very aged and weathered, you may need to sand down loose wood fibers to ensure the stain will adhere to the surface.
  • Use an exterior wood filler to fill in larger cracks, and allow new concrete or masonry surfaces to cure for 30 days before applying DeckCorrect.
  • You should also deal with any mildew stains, removing them with a wood cleaner. DeckCorrect contains agents that prevent the growth of mildew on the coating’s film, however, be sure to remove any existing mildew before applying.
  • Once the surface has been adequately cleaned, you can now shake and stir DeckCorrect thoroughly, and if you’re using more than 1 container, blend all of them together to provide a more uniform application.
  • Work in small sections, coating 1–3 boards at a time and using a nylon/polyester brush to apply DeckCorrect into any visible cracks and rough areas before using a roller for the remaining areas.
  • A 3/8-inch nap roller is best suited to applying the product, which should be applied in a thick, even coat that is rolled lengthwise along boards.
  • Allow DeckCorrect to dry for 4–6 hours before applying a second coat in the same manner.
  • On any vertical surfaces such as railings, you can use Cabot Solid Color Stain.

Other considerations

When you’re applying DeckCorrect, avoid doing so in direct sunlight, when the surfaces have been heated by the sun, or when air or surface temperature is below 50 °F (10 °C) or may fall below 50 °F (10 °C) for 48 hours after application.

The product should also not be applied over wet or damp surfaces, and avoid applying it if rain is forecast in the days following application.

DeckCorrect should not be intermixed with any other products, or thinned out, and it should only be used on exterior surfaces.

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Can you Spray Cabot Deck Correct?

It is logical to think that applying a heavy stain product like Deck Correct would be difficult using a paint sprayer. But the opposite is true.

Yes. You can use a paint sprayer to apply cabot deck correct. Start by covering all surfaces that you do not want sprayed, select a narrow spray pattern tip for your sprayer to concentrate the volume of the stain so that you get a thicker coat.

How to Spray Cabot Deck Correct

Applying Cabot Deck Correct is different from applying thinner coatings such as latex or water based paints.

Step 1: Ensure that the Surface is Clean and Free of Debris

Remove all items on the deck, such as furniture and grills and sweep it with broom to remove all visible debris.

Step 2: Cover Areas that you do not want Painted

In some cases, you may not want railings painted. Or your deck may be attached to the siding of your house. Cover those areas with masking paper and tape to keep them from getting painted.

Step 3: Change the Spray Tip on your Paint sprayer

Stains are typically heavier coatings than standard paints. You also want to apply a heavier coat to cover grooves and other imperfections in your deck surface. To apply Cabot Deck Correct, you will need a sprayer nozzle size to get a narrow spray pattern, usually about 8 inches.

I also recommend this graco paint sprayer. But you can also use the wagner sprayers. Just make sure that you check to make sure that the nozzle size you get can create an 8 inch spray patter.

Step 4: Pour the Paint into the Sprayer’s Container

Mix the paint thoroughly and then pour it into the the sprayers paint container.

Step 5: Spray from left to right with a 50% Overlap

When Spraying stain it is important to apply multiple coats for proper coverage. In order to do this, it is important that you spray with overlap. Keep doing this all across your deck until you are done.

It is also important to start from the inside and work your way out to avoid stepping into stain as you apply it.

Can you paint over Cabot Deck Correct?

You can paint over Cabot Deck Correct if you’re just repainting your deck with the same product (or Deck Correct in a slightly different shade), but if you’re applying a different paint, you may need to dull the existing finish with sandpaper, wipe down the deck with deglosser, and then apply a new primer and paint on top.

Is Cabot Deck Correct a good product?

You hear a lot of mixed reviews on this product.

For the most part, people say it transformed their deck, providing them with a surface that is much smoother to walk on and far easier to clean.

A few homeowners complained that their deck surface was sticky after the application drying time, and some users had issues with bubbling and peeling as the seasons changed.

Some reviews also mention discrepancies between the actual color and the color charts, as some people had to tint their DeckCorrect after ordering it from Amazon.

However, many of the above issues could be down to the DeckCorrect being applied incorrectly, or in poor weather conditions that hindered the drying process. It could also be down to the surface being insufficiently prepared before applying.

Don’t skip out on the cleaning and prep part of the process – as it’s likely that you’ll be having to repaint your deck within a year if you do this!

Pros of Deck Correct

  • Conceals splinters and fills in cracks up to ¼” wide
  • Provides a safer, smoother surface to walk upon
  • Makes your deck easier to clean – can be hosed off
  • Protects your deck and improves durability
  • Can be used on wood or concrete
  • Dirt-resistant
  • Inhibits the growth of mildew

Cons of Deck Correct

  • Thick consistency can be difficult to apply
  • Lots of prep required
  • Can’t be applied in certain conditions

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