Can You Paint Laminate Flooring? (How-to-Guide)

If you have laminate flooring that you’d like to switch up and make more modern, then one way that you can do this is by giving it a lick of new paint! Believe it or not, laminate flooring can easily be painted and is a cost-effective way of updating the look of your home.

If you’re interested in switching up the appearance of your laminate flooring but are unsure where to begin – don’t panic. That’s where we come in! Below, we’re going to be talking you through everything you need to know about painting your laminate flooring.

From what laminate flooring is, types of paint that are suitable for your laminate, all the way to how to do it, we’ve made sure to cover all bases to ensure that painting your laminate flooring goes as smoothly as possible. Ready? Let’s jump in!

Can You Paint Laminate Flooring?

To put it simply, yes, you can absolutely paint your laminate flooring, although it is worth mentioning that the process required to paint it can be a little tricky.

In order to paint your laminate flooring correctly, you’ll first need to make sure that you’re using the correct paint that has been specifically designed for use on laminate flooring.

In addition to this, you should also make sure that you are using a high-quality laminate flooring paint primer, as well as incorporating the use of a sander which will be able to make sure each layer of paint sticks.

What Paint Is Required For Laminate Flooring?

Before you begin painting your laminate flooring, you’re first going to need to make sure that you have selected the correct paint.

Even though the shade and finish will ultimately be based upon your own preferences and what type of look you would like to create, you should make sure that you are using a paint that has been specifically designed to be suitable for use on surfaces such as laminate flooring.

Latex paint is a great choice to use on laminate because it is suitable for furniture, and will provide a durable yet smooth finish that will be able to withstand general wear and tear.

What Is Laminate Made Of?

Laminate flooring is a man-made material that consists of a protective flooring that will help to keep the flooring safe from general wear and tear such as stains, chemical burns, and scratches.

This top layer of laminate flooring is usually made up of melamine layers that are carefully pressed together using a fiberboard, which is then able to seal all of the other layers.

The next layer of laminate flooring is made of something which is known as the design layer. The design layer consists of the wood design or flooring pattern that characterizes the laminate flooring, which is then carefully locked in with a melamine resin that helps to keep the laminate design in pristine condition for longer.

On top of this layer, you’ll find the moisture-resistant core board, which is located right in the middle of laminate flooring. This layer is able to provide plenty of stability, while also helping to resist any damage caused by moisture.

The last layer you’ll find within a laminate floor is the balancing layer, which is the layer of laminate that helps to ensure that the laminate flooring is totally stable. Thanks to this, it means that when the laminate flooring is installed, the balancing layer will help to prevent bending or bowing.

How To Paint Laminate Flooring:

1. What You’ll Need:

  • A paint roller
  • A paintbrush
  • Painting tape (or sellotape)
  • Flooring paint
  • A sander
  • A topcoat

2. How To Paint Your Laminate Flooring


In order to make sure that your laminate flooring paint job looks pristine and professional, you’re going to need to make sure that you properly prepare the area prior to painting. To do this, we recommend that you take the time to remove any furniture or objects that could get in the way of painting.

Then, gently clean your laminate flooring to rid it of any surface debris, and then give it a good sanding so it is ready for the primer to be applied. After you have finished sanding your laminate floor, you should then make sure that you clean away any dust caused by dust particles, otherwise, you might find that the primer and paint are unable to properly adhere.

Apply a de-glosser:

Before you go in with a laminate paint primer, you should first apply one thin layer of de-glosser across the laminate with a dry, clean cloth, and then allow it to dry for the allocated time specified on the back of its tin. This will help to take away the gloss from any spots accidentally missed during sanding.

Add your primer and tape:

After you have finished de-glossing and allowed it to dry, the next step will be to add the paint primer. Apply one layer of primer to your laminate flooring, allow it to dry, and then follow up with an additional layer of primer.

While it is drying, we recommend taking the time to tape off the trim with some painter’s tape or sellotape, as this will ensure you do not get any paint outside the edges of your laminate flooring.

Paint your laminate:

Once you’ve given your laminate flooring enough time to dry from the primer, you can then begin painting your laminate with your chosen paint. We recommend that you paint the first layer using the roller to save time, and then use your paintbrush to fill in any areas that your roller just couldn’t get to.

Once you have finished applying your layers, you will then need to allow your painted laminate flooring to dry. The amount of time required to dry will depend on what type of paint you have used, so we recommend following the advice of your chosen paint manufacturer.

However, as a general rule of thumb, you should give your paint around 24 hours to dry before walking on it again.

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