Where Can I Find the Bosch Vision 500 Dryer Reset Button?

Whether you’ve had your Bosch 500 dryer for 5 months or 5 years, it’s bound to need maintenance at some point. One common problem that plagues Bosch owners: under- and overheating clothing.

When your Bosch dryer underheats, it can leave you with soppy clothing that’s far from ready to wear. When it overheats, it can potentially lead to a fire.

Fortunately, Bosch Vision series dryers come with a small red reset button on the thermostat, which you can access by removing the back panel.

This post will answer questions about finding this button, using it, and reasons it might not work.

Bosch Vision 500 Series Dryer Reset Button Location

Bosch vision 500 series dryer reset button location

Bosch’s Vision 500 series is a vented dryer model. That means it relies on vents to manage the flow of air and heat into the system.

If you’re encountering some type of heating problem, you may want to try a simple reset of the heating components first.

You can find the reset button on the thermostat, which is itself part of a silver heating assembly box toward the bottom right of the dryer. The thermostat will be on the back left corner of the box.

You’ll need a screwdriver to remove the screws for the rear access panel in order to reach the thermostat.

How to Access the Bosch Vision 500 Series Dryer Reset Button

While the button itself is pretty hidden (one might wonder why it isn’t just on the control panel), the process for accessing it is actually quite simple:

  1. Unplug the dryer!
  1. Unscrew the screws along the sides and corners of the rear access panel.
  1. Remove the panel. Take note of the circular, ‘a’-shaped back of the dryer drum.
  1. Look to the bottom right of the dryer. There should be a small, silver box protruding from the tail of the ‘a’-shaped back. This is the heating assembly.
  1. Reach into the dryer on the left side of the assembly. The thermostat will be a small, cylindrical protrusion at the far back of the housing.
  1. Press the reset button at the center of the thermostat.

That’s it! Of course, be sure to screw the rear panel back onto the dryer once you’re done. Then, try a normal dryer cycle to verify that the reset worked.

Why Perform a Bosch Dryer Reset?

We’ve all restarted major appliances and electronic devices before. Sometimes, the programming in specific components just needs to be returned to their default settings, which a reset typically does.

In a dryer, resetting the heating components sets those components back to their default heating settings. This can potentially resolve your Bosch dryer’s poor heating performance, whether it’s under- or overheating.

Resets are a primary line of defense because they’re quite simple: All you need to do is remove a few screws, reach in toward the thermostat, and press the button.

As always, be sure to unplug the dryer before messing with electrical components. Don’t get electrocuted trying to fix your machine! Find more information in this article: Bosch Dryer Reset Button (Location + Instructions)

What If the Reset Button Doesn’t Work?

What if the reset button doesn't work?

So you’ve disassembled the back, pressed the reset button, put the dryer back together, and run a cycle. But your clothes are still drenched—or conversely, they seem like they’re so hot they’re about to catch ablaze.

Unfortunately, a thermostat reset will only work if your Bosch dryer’s heating problem is related to a glitch within the heating components.

There are several other reasons a dryer can over- or underheat. One of the most common ones in vented dryers is a clogged vent or lint filter. 

Clogged Vent

Obstructions in the vents can interfere with airflow. These obstructions can either let too much air escape—cooling down the appliance too much—or bring in insufficient air, making it overheat. Try cleaning out your vents and running another cycle.

Dysfunctional Gas Valve

In a gas-powered dryer like the Bosch Vision 500 series, there may also be a problem with gas flow related to a dysfunctional gas valve. This valve may not be letting enough gas in to properly heat up the dryer.

Faulty Wires or Heating Coils

Have you checked your connections and coils as well? Faulty wires leading to and heating coils within the heating element can’t be fixed with a reset, only with replacement.

Broken Thermostat

If you’ve tried resetting the machine, cleaning the exhaust vent, and checking other components but your Bosch dryer still won’t heat properly, the thermostat itself may be broken.

The thermostat manages the temperature settings of your dryer, telling the appliance which temperature to heat to. If something is mechanically wrong with the thermostat, it can’t manage temperatures properly even with the correct heating settings. 

You can use a multimeter to check whether it’s working as it should. Replace the thermostat if there isn’t correct continuity.

Moisture Sensor

The moisture sensor tells your dryer how much moisture is left in your clothing. A malfunctioning sensor may tell your dryer that there’s more or less moisture in the dryer drum than there really is.

Bosch Vision 300 Series Dryer Reset Button Location

bosch vision 300 series dryer reset button

According to the user manual for the Bosch Vision 300, 500, and 800 dryer series, they’re all quite similar. 

Most of the differences between them are pretty small—for instance, the 500 and 800 series can perform a steam cycle while the Bosch Vision 300 series cannot. And the 800 has a different display from the Bosch Vision 300 and 500 series.

But in terms of the components, you can find the reset button in the same place on a 300 as a 500 series: On the thermostat with the heating element housing, which you reach from the back of the dryer.

The reset process is the same: Unplug the dryer, find the button on the heating assembly, and press it. The results should be the same, too: A dryer that dries within the Goldilocks zone—i.e., with just the right amount of heat.

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Dryer resets are a real blessing. They can be the quick solution to a frustrating series of under- or overdried loads of laundry and only require tools lying around your house.

In your Bosch Vision 500 series dryer, you can reach the reset button by removing the back panel and running your hand along the heating assembly until you find the thermostat.

Don’t hesitate to contact a Bosch dryer expert if you need further assistance.