Bosch Dryer Reset Button (Location + Instructions)

Sometimes, our appliances just aren’t working as they should. And just like with computers, our first instinct is often the most basic: reset the machine by turning it all the way off and on again.

Bosch tumble dryers have a button specifically for performing these resets, located above the heating element. You may want to use this button if your dryer has had problems with over- or underheating.

This post will give you more details about how to find and use the reset button, including how to troubleshoot if your dryer starts tripping during the reset.

Bosch Dryer Reset Button Location

dryer reset button location

In order to use the reset button, you first need to know where to find it.

You can find the reset button on the high-limit thermostat on the side of the heating element. The button should be red in color and small in size.

The heating element will be at the bottom right corner on the back side of the dryer. However, you’ll need to remove some panels in order to access it.

How to Access the Bosch Nexxt Dryer Reset Button

To access the heating element and reset button, grab a screwdriver and follow the steps below:

  1. Unplug the dryer! Whenever you mess with appliances that plug into the wall, ALWAYS unplug them from the power outlet. This keeps you safe from electrocution.
  1. Unscrew the terminal block cover. You can find this cover where the power cord comes out of the machine at the top right corner.
  1. Unscrew the rear access panel. There may be screws that you need to remove underneath the top of the appliance. Be sure to keep all your screws in a safe place for when you put the appliance back together.
  1. Find the heating element at the bottom right corner. The reset button will be on the high-limit thermostat, which should be on the left front side of the element.

When to Reset Your Bosch Dryer

Even gas-powered dryers contain computers. In order to set timers, create programs, or blink certain lights, the appliance uses electronic components.

Yet, as we’re probably all familiar with, these components can malfunction. Sometimes, the dryer doesn’t start when we press the start button. Other times, it starts but doesn’t dry clothes properly.

Resetting is typically a simple, effective way to get your dryer back to working order, especially if it underdries or overheats.

Resetting the dryer may be your first troubleshooting step, or you may only do it after you’ve tried everything else. Either way, think of it like a good night’s sleep: it refreshes the system so it can function at its best. Read also Bosch Vision 500 Dryer Reset Button

Why Does My Bosch Dryer Reset Button Keep Tripping?

the dryer reset button location

While resets generally go smoothly, sometimes your Bosch dryer might keep tripping—that is, the appliance might keep tripping the breaker when you try to reset it.

Usually, tripping occurs because of excess debris in the exhaust vents or because of a faulty heating element.

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Clogged Vents

The best choice would be to check the vents first, since that’s an easy fix. Just unplug your dryer, pull off the vent pipe, and take a look inside.

If there’s lots of dust, lint, or other debris, be sure to remove it. Then, put the exhaust back into place, plug the dryer back in, and see if it dries properly.

Heating Assembly Isn’t Working

If cleaning out the exhaust vent doesn’t help—or if the vent was clean to begin with—you may have a heating assembly that’s stopped working.

First, check the heating element using a multimeter. As always, be sure to unplug the appliance first. Refer to the abovementioned steps for help accessing the element. You’ll need to replace the heating element if it’s shorted out (i.e., no continuity).

If the heating element is fine, move on to the assembly case terminals. Replace any shorted terminal components if there’s no continuity.

If your heating element has stopped working and you can’t perform a proper reset, it may be time to replace the component.

How to Test the Heating Element

  1. As mentioned above, remove the rear cover and access panels using a screwdriver.
  1. Remove the screws on the back of the dryer holding the heating element assembly in place.
  1. Disconnect any wires. These include wires to the high-limit thermostat (which you’ll find the reset button on), the wire coming from the thermistor, and the rear wires that connect directly to the heating element.
  1. Pull the heating element out of the dryer.
  1. Set the assembly on its side and connect your ohmmeter to the terminals. If there’s no continuity, continue on to replacement.

How to Replace the Heating Element

  1. Follow the above steps to find and remove the component.
  1. Once you’ve removed the assembly, you’ll need to remove the heating element itself. To do this, remove the screws holding it into the assembly and pull out the old element. Then, screw the new element in. You may need to take off the high-limit thermostat and transfer it to the new element.
  1. Place the heating element assembly back into the dryer and screw it back into place.
  1. Reconnect the high-limit thermostat, thermistor, and heating element wires.

After replacing the element, try performing a reset again. It should no longer trip the circuit breaker.

Once you’ve performed your reset, all you’ll need to do is screw the rear access panel and cover panel back into place using a screwdriver. Then, plug the appliance back in and run a cycle to verify that it’s drying properly.


Dryers save us a lot of hassle and heartache, so it’s vital to keep them in working order. Performing a reset may be just what your dryer needs, and you can find the reset button on the high-limit thermostat on the side of the heating element.

If attempting a reset trips your breaker box, you may need to clean out the dryer’s exhaust vents or replace the heating element. The steps above should help the process go smoothly.

Don’t hesitate to call in a service technician to troubleshoot if you’re still struggling to get your dryer to work.