Where Is My Ariston Water Heater Reset Button?

The Ariston brand gives homeowners a broad array of electric water heater and gas water heater options to choose from, including mini-tank and on-demand models.

However, you may one day find yourself turning on the kitchen faucet or praying for a hot shower only to find the water’s cold. What gives?

Sometimes, all you need to fix your hot water heater is a reset. You can reset the thermostat using a button or switch, or you can perform a hard reset of the whole water heater by cutting off the power supply for about half a minute.

In this post, you’ll find out where your Ariston water heater’s reset button or switch is, how to perform a hard reset, and what you can do if a reset doesn’t work.

Ariston Water Heater Reset Button Location

Ariston water heater reset button location
Ariston gl4 reset button (Source: youtu.be/qho6QsGdAVs)

Ariston water heaters usually come with either a reset button or a reset switch. This button or switch is located on the thermostat.

The location of the thermostat and the appearance of the button or switch varies by the type and model of Ariston water heater that you use.

The thermostat is a safety feature that can look like a small black box on the back of your heater or a small, box- or cylinder-shaped object on the heating element(s). Heating elements typically look like some type of silver cylinder or tube.

Ariston Storage Water Heater Reset Button

Check the underside of the tank for a gray panel. On this panel, there should be an ovular protrusion with a small button toward the bottom of it. Press that button to reset your water heater.

Ariston Tankless Water Heater Reset Button

The tankless water heater doesn’t have a resettable thermostat. However, it does have a reset button on the front of the machine beneath the ELCB and Power buttons.

Ariston Mini-Tank Water Heater Reset Switch

On mini-tank models, the reset switch looks like a tiny, brass-colored clip inside a small hole to the left of the red flip switch. Very hidden indeed!

To use it, insert a pin or other thin object and gently—but firmly—click it. This should reset your thermostat.

A reset should set your thermostat’s water temperature limit settings back to default and solve your heating issues. However, you can reset the entire heater using another method.

Other Ways to Reset Ariston Water Heater

solution for water heating prpblem

Maybe your heater doesn’t have a reset button or switch—or perhaps it does, but the reset didn’t work. Where can you go from here?

Put your tools away for now, because there are a couple of ways to perform a hard reset of your water heater without opening your device up.

Hard resets involve cutting off power to your heater either by unplugging the power cord or flipping the breaker off and on again.

Unplug the Heater for 30 Seconds

If your heater is plugged into an outlet, unplug it from the outlet and leave it unplugged for about 30 seconds. Being unplugged from the power source should reset the machine.

Once at least 30 seconds have passed, plug it back in and try the heater again.

Turn Off the Breaker for 30 Seconds

Find the breaker and flip the switch that supplies your heater. Like with unplugging the machine, you’ll want to leave the breaker off for at least 30 seconds. Afterward, you can flip it back on and check whether your heater produces hot water.

If none of these reset options work for you, then it may be time to turn to other fixes.

What Else Can I Do to Fix My Ariston Water Heater?

Water heaters can stop heating properly for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Scaling (buildup of minerals like calcium) in the pipes and filters. For mineral buildup, flush your heater using white vinegar.
  • Ignition failure (in a gas-powered heater), which may require you to replace components within the assembly. 
  • Low capacity. Different heaters can warm varying amounts of water per minute. Your heater may have a lower capacity and run out of hot water faster. If this is the case, try running fewer taps at a time or consider upgrading to a heater with higher capacity.
  • Faulty heating components, including the heating element, thermal fuses (another type of safety device), and thermostat. Defective parts need to be replaced.


Some Ariston water heaters come with a thermostat setting reset button or switch on the thermostat that you can press or flip to fix heating problems. 

For the ones that don’t, you can run a hard reset on the system by cutting the power supply—either by unplugging the device or flipping the breaker.

When a reset just doesn’t work, consider inspecting components like the heating element, thermal fuse, ignition, and pipes. Grab a gallon or two of white vinegar to flush out any mineral buildup in the pipes and replace faulty thermostats or other components.

Call in a professional if you still can’t get your heater to work.