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Joel Phillips

Hi friends, Joel here, coming at you with my long-awaited website dedicated to all things home related! Have you experienced that helpless feeling of not really knowing what to do when something in your house breaks, or you are stuck in the middle of a DIY project not knowing what steps to take? Well, my site is dedicated to giving you back control of maintaining and improving your home.

During the day, I am a licensed plumber and owner at a small handyman and construction business in Houston Texas and I can tell you that the shortage of skilled people in the plumbing, electrical and general construction trades is going to continue to drive the cost of service calls up for you. For that reason, I have decided to assemble as much information here on my site to help you both save money and eliminate the frustration that every home owner experiences when they are waiting for that call back for quotes for a small project, or the plumber cannot make it out to your house till tomorrow to fix that toilet because they are overbooked.

You’ll see articles on my site from me and my friends using our collective years of experience to bring you the tips and tricks that have worked for us as well as the tools that we use to make fixing problems and improving homes easier, faster and cheaper. Feel free to reach out with questions and suggestions on how we can bring you the information you need.